Nokia has managed that Oppo and OnePlus are no longer allowed to sell smartphones in Germany. But that was just the beginning. Two other companies in this country are on the brink.

After OnePlus and Oppo: Vivo and Realme in danger

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Nokia has won a patent dispute and has banned OnePlus and Oppo smartphones from being sold in Germany. As a result, the smartphones in Germany have disappeared from the websites of the Chinese manufacturers. But that could only have been the beginning, because the Closely linked companies Vivo and Realme are likely to be targeted next will. These are part of the BBK parent company and are targeted by Nokia. It is about 5G licenses that have not been renewed by the Chinese companies.

But it is not only in Germany that Chinese companies are threatened with trouble. Nokia is also taking action against the four smartphone manufacturers in other countries (source: WinFuture). Patent lawsuits have also been filed in important markets such as Great Britain, France, Spain and other countries. This could mean that the Chinese manufacturers might even leave the European market. After all, the verdict from Germany can influence other decisions in Europe.

Is Oppo leaving the German smartphone market?

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Oppo press spokesman Peter Manderfeld made the following statement to WirtschaftsWoche on the current situation:

“Apart from suspending the sale and marketing of certain products, Oppo will continue to operate in Germany.”

Suspension does not mean that Oppo is leaving the smartphone market. Much more the Chinese company initially only follows the verdict. If no agreement can be reached with Nokia, no more Oppo and OnePlus smartphones should be sold in Germany. However, Oppo wants to offer other products such as headphones. The brand would therefore not disappear completely from Germany. Incidentally, Amazon and Co. continue to sell cell phones from Oppo (check it out on Amazon) and OnePlus (check it out on Amazon). The stocks can still be sold there.