Many smartphones are now rarely supplied with accessories. Since Apple started ditching the power adapter, a great many other big companies have adopted it. Only the manufacturers from China continue to include a power supply unit and sometimes also cases. Amazon is now changing that on its own.

Amazon sells Samsung Galaxy A53 with power adapter

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Samsung has been delivering its high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S series without a power supply for a long time, and buyers are usually prepared for that. This is intended to put less strain on the environment, since many already have a power supply unit that they can continue to use – so the reasoning. The situation is different in the middle class. Many people buy their first smartphone there or are not that experienced and then wonder why there is only a cable in the box and no power supply unit. Amazon has also recognized this and offers the Samsung Galaxy A53 (test) in a bundle with charger (view at Amazon).

To the offer on Amazon

Amazon is now selling the Samsung Galaxy A53 with a power adapter.
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With such bundles you always have to pay attention to the price. Because often you think that you can get something cheaper and then pay a lot more. In this case you have no disadvantages. You pay the normal 369.99 euros (see Amazon) for the smartphone and Amazon includes the 25-watt fast charging power supply for 11.97 euros more (see Amazon). In the end, with such a bundle, Amazon simply makes sure that you don’t forget the power supply unit. It remains the case that you get a 30-month guarantee on it, which is more than Samsung itself.

Find out what makes the Samsung Galaxy A53 so special in the video:

More Samsung bundles on Amazon

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Amazon has not only put together a bundle with the power supply, but also sells the Samsung Galaxy A53 with the Android tablet Galaxy Tab A8 (check it out at Amazon). Again, you don’t pay extra or save money because Amazon simply combines both products, which you can also buy individually at the same prices. Nevertheless, you could be tempted to buy both, since the total price is not as high as you might have thought.