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Android phones could have a lock screen full of ads

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Lock screens could be filled with ads with this arrival. | Font: Photo by Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash

The mobile phones Android they could face being full of advertising inside lock screen.

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In accordance with tech crunchcompany expansion Glance in the United States it is reaching operators, which could include their default ad platform on cell phones Android in the country. And the worst thing is that it can spread throughout the world.

What is Glance and why could it change our lock screens?

Glance is an online marketing startup. It is a branch of InMobi, originally from India.

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What this service does is modify the lock screen, giving it a new look with extra wallpapers, videos, news and more. However, the awkward thing is that it shows advertising.

Although it is true that this happens with other services, Glance has the peculiarity that it is not installed from Google Play or the like, but rather arrives pre-installed as if it were an operating system interface, which prevents it from being uninstalled. Therefore, in India, there are a lot of people looking for a way to uninstall it without any options.

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According to the report, Glance has been in talks with different carriers in the country and plans to launch on various smartphones as early as next month. The main equipment will be the most affordable.

advertising everywhere

How do you report? Gizmodomanufacturers like Samsung or OnePlus already send promotions from time to time through notifications. android 13 It will come with a new feature that will allow you to have more control over intrusive notifications, but the problem is still there.

The alliance with US operators is a change of strategy for Glance, which maintains direct relationships with almost all smartphone manufacturers with Android in Asia. But in the US, carriers dominate most smartphone sales, and the phones are sold bundled with mobile data plans.

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