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Android users beware: ‘a data leak may occur’

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According to a digital research firm, millions of Android smartphones are vulnerable to a data breach. These are devices with a specific processor: read here which one is involved.

“Vulnerability CVE-2022-36449 not yet fixed”

Google is continuously improving the security of its Pixel smartphones and Android in general. You also regularly receive a security update on your smartphone. Although there often seems to be little else after installing the update, security has indeed been tightened.

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Project Zero – Google’s agency that specializes in digital security – this week released a so-called CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) marked. The CVE-2022-36449 makes certain Android devices susceptible to a data leak. This means that personal data can end up on the street.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

‘Android smartphones with Snapdragon chip are safe’

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The vulnerability is in Android smartphones with an ARM graphics chip. This excludes phones with a Snapdragon chip, since they use other graphics chips. If you have a Google Pixel with a Tensor chip, a Samsung with an Exynos processor or another smartphone with a MediaTek chip, you have a greater chance of becoming a victim.

Check which processor you have on the device page on Android Planet under the heading ‘Specifications’.

ARM would have spotted and fixed the problem before, but according to Google, test devices were still vulnerable. ARM has now delivered a patch and it is being tested at Google. If this patch is released, it is recommended to install it immediately.

Security on Fadvices

Of course you want the data on your smartphone to be kept safe. Depending on your smartphone manufacturer, you will therefore receive security updates monthly, quarterly or every six months. We always recommend installing these as soon as possible.

on FADVICES we also pay a lot of attention to these updates. For example, we publish a weekly overview of smartphones that receive an update and we write a lot about digital security. Want to know if you’ve been hacked? Then check out our recent tip in which we explain in great detail how you found out about this and what you can do about it.


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