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Apple Silicon: YouTuber tinkers M2 chip in an M1 MacBook Pro


Apple Silicon: YouTuber tinkers M2 chip in an M1 MacBook Pro

The 13″ MacBook Pro is now available with M2 SoC. Luke Miani wanted to find out if he couldn’t just upgrade his old 13″ MacBook Pro himself.

The new M2 MacBook Pro is now available in the wild. All previous reviews have shown that it is practically the M1 MacBook Pro (test) with a processor update. To what extent this is true, Luke Miani wanted to know exactly and simply swapped the SoCs.

Watch this video on YouTube

In a video, the YouTuber shows the complete attempt and regrets several times that he even tried it. In the video, however, we also see that both the M1-MacBook Pro and M2-MacBook Pro are practically identical inside – with the exception of the memory.

Despite the serious similarities, Miani did not manage to restart either machine after the M1-M2 swap. He even went the extra mile and replaced the Touch ID sensors. Anyone who has ever tried to swap out a new home button on an old iPhone also knows why it was a good idea.

Unfortunately, the M2 conversion on the MacBook Pro did not work

The YouTuber also tries to get both devices into DFU mode with the Apple Configurator and thus breathe new life into both devices – without success. After all: After he put all the components back into their original housing, the notebooks worked again.

I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who would dare to do something like this – except Luke Miani. He has already caused a stir in the past with wild experiments. Among other things, the old iMac with M1 SoC, the Intel Core i9 in the old iMac, which even beat the M1, the disassembled Mac Studio and of course the iMac-to-monitor conversion were there. On the other hand, an M1-M2 swap was almost a piece of cake.

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