The Apple Watch 8 will not be available in two sizes as usual, but in three. Added to this is a new XL variant. A picture or a graphic demonstrates how big the smartwatch will really be in the end.

The rumor came up last year, it was recently confirmed and display insider Ross Young predicts another third size for the Apple Watch Series 8. The XL variant should therefore have a diagonal of 1.99 inches, the previous variants of the Apple Watch Series 7 bring it to 1.691 inches and 1.901 inches. Doesn’t everything sound so dramatic now? However, you can only judge this better if you look at a direct size comparison. The colleagues from AppleInsider now provide us with such a graphic.

Apple Watch 8 in 47 mm in size comparison

The XL version of the Apple Watch could be a pretty big thing. (Image source: AppleInsider)

Most likely corresponds to the new display size of an Apple Watch 8 with a height of 47 mm. As a reminder, the current 7 Series models are offered in 41 and 45mm. The increase in size is quite clear and is even more noticeable in a direct comparison with the older Apple Watch models. The graphic above is valid under the assumption that Apple does not change the basic display design. So the soft forms continue to exist. A somewhat different picture emerges if Apple actually implements the often rumored flat design.

A new, flat design has a more subtle effect. But this is uncertain. (Image source: AppleInsider)

The edges of the display are narrower, so the Apple Watch looks a lot more delicate despite the larger screen. For such a 1.99-inch screen, Apple could use the previous case size of 45 mm without further ado. In the 47 mm housing there would even be room for a 2.2 inch display. In the end, a flat shape would be an advantage. But before you get too excited: Such a change in shape has not yet been confirmed. Ergo: Expect a larger display and case, but don’t expect a new design directly.

Technically no big surprises

Technically, the Apple Watch 8 will or will not differ much from its predecessor. Although a new temperature sensor is available, Apple still owes us long-awaited features such as blood sugar measurement. The variety of models is growing. Aside from the Apple Watch Series 8, there will be a new robust model for extreme athletes and a new Apple Watch SE for the smaller budget. The presentation can be expected in September parallel to the iPhone 14.