The new Apple Watch Ultra wants to be paid for almost 1,000 euros. However, if you already own an older model of the Apple Watch, you can simply “build your own” ultra smartwatch. At least the bulky design and you some of the protective effect we get relatively easily with our finds at Amazon.

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Admittedly, the Apple Watch Ultra is pretty extreme and offers a lot of new features. If you want to have something of this aura for your previous Apple Watch, you should think about using certain protective covers. Of course, there are countless versions, but in this case it’s all about them Models that imitate the appearance of the Ultra with simple means.

Apple Watch on your own: Matching cases for Apple’s standard smartwatch

For example, there would be Anlinser TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) case – Suitable for the Apple Watch SE and the Series 4, 5, 6, 7 and of course 8 (view at Amazon). Especially in the “Polarstern” color scheme, it comes very close to the style of the Apple Watch Ultra. Yes, there’s even an orange button on the side like the original. This is used to control the regular side button on the Apple Watch.

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The similarities to the Apple Watch Ultra are definitely there. (Image source: Amazon)

Similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, the edge of the case is slightly higher than the actual screen. Useful effect: The screen of the watch is better protected because the edge absorbs impacts accordingly. Also, the display is no longer as round, rather flat as in Apple’s extreme smartwatch.

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The orange button is reminiscent of the action button on the Ultra. (Image source: Amazon)

Important to know: A screen protector is not included. Either you rely on the mentioned edge protection of the case or you buy a corresponding screen protection (see at Amazon). In any case, the Anlinser case is not expensive and is fairly calculated at just over 10 euros. With currently 15 ratings it hails four out of five stars.

And then there are cases that don’t protect the case itself, but also protect the display directly. For example from Miimall (view at Amazon). Basically a hard plastic cover with an integrated protective film. The result is a somewhat bulky Apple Watch with a flat display and square edges. Not entirely dissimilar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

The version with integrated screen protection. (Image source: Amazon)

Available for around 13 euros, depending on the model and colour. Also gets four out of five stars from users. However, the accuracy of the touchscreen is criticized here and there. Although the screen cover protects, it probably requires a little willingness to compromise at this point.

Not pretty, but useful if the worst comes to the worst

Bottom line: the Apple Watch will certainly not be prettier. However, you are better equipped for outdoor use and could perhaps even mislead one or the other non-technical person. The fun is not really expensive, especially compared to the original made of titanium.