With BYD, a real heavyweight from China is preparing its launch in Germany. The brand should start with three new electric cars in just a few weeks. Now BYD has officially revealed the prices and is making the entry-level model a lot cheaper than expected.

BYD reveals German prices for electric cars Han, Atto3 and Tang

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BYD is coming: The e-car manufacturer from China will open its business in Europe in a few weeks as part of the Paris Motor Show. The event will take place from 17 to 23 October 2022. An exact date for the market launch has not yet been revealed during the official presentation of the three new electric cars. For this but now the prices are fixed by the manufacturer.

BYD will launch the Han, Tang and Atto3 models in Germany. In the current expensive phase, the latter in particular should attract interest. The compact SUV Atto3 is the cheapest electric car in the bunch. round The cheapest version of the Stromer should cost 38,000 euros.

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But customers get a smaller SUV with them 420 km range according to manufacturer information. At the quick charging station, charging to 80 percent battery capacity should take 29 minutes. With the price tag that BYD is now attaching to the Atto3, expectations are undercut. Based on the BAFA list prices, the purchase price could have been a few thousand euros higher.

With the two other electric cars, the calculation works out a little more precisely: That SUV Tang already celebrated the European market launch in Norway last year. Now the seven-seater comes for proud 72,000 euros soon also to Germany.

Competitor for Tesla Model S: Limousine Han becomes figurehead of BYD

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The same price is also called for the Han sedan. It will also start for 72,000 euros and could be one real challenge to Tesla will. The 15.6-inch infotainment display can be used horizontally or vertically, and 360-degree camera coverage is intended to provide a perfect overview when parking. With its 85.4 kWh battery, the Han is said to have a range of 521 km – at half the price of Tesla’s Model S.

BYD’s electric cars will continue to be provided with new functions in the future via over-the-air updates. These include, among other things voice control as well as the option of controlling many vehicle functions using an app on your smartphone.

BYD also wants to come up with a more than competitive Battery guarantee of eight years score. The mileage was not revealed during the online presentation. The battery warranty applies to all BYD models.