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Chaos at China’s top iPhone factory: workers riot and Foxconn promises bonuses

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The government policy of ‘zero covid’ in China is bringing a new technological crisis to the world: it is wreaking havoc at the largest plant in iphone globally.

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The factory, under the leadership of Foxconn is in a moment of uprising, with dozens of workers demanding that the bad conditions in it end and with the company asking for forgiveness and offering bonuses for this to end.

Unkept promises

Given the new cases of COVID-19 in the country, China It has sent its largest cities to quarantine. In order not to affect the technology industry, companies are obliged to retain their workers in the plants so that they can continue with their daily activities and can continue with global production.

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This is the case of Foxconn who assembles iphone in Zhengzhou to later distribute them all over the planet.

But the bad conditions inside the plant, the delays in payments and the overexploitation have been the cause of a massive exodus of employees, who prefer to flee and reunite with their families than to go through this situation.

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Given this, Foxconn He had promised bonuses and higher salaries for those who stay, but the chaos continues to grow, even with many of the staff holding protests outside the plant. Many argue that this money comes with a trick: they are required to work in the Lunar New Year of 2023 and more holidays to obtain it.

To prevent this situation from escalating further, the company has announced a new bonus: charge $1,400 to resign from the factory and employment.

Videos circulating on social media showed groups of law enforcement officers dressed in hazmat suits kicking and beating protesters with batons and metal bars. Some workers were seen tearing down fences, throwing bottles and barriers at officers, and vandalizing and overturning police vehicles.

The worst: the new workers who accepted the deal have once again been trapped in train stations due to the total strike in the city.

The loser: Apple

Apple It has already reported that this situation will delay worldwide shipments of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max for several weeks, the most successful versions of its cell phones launched this 2022.

The company is trying to avoid this situation in the future, so it hopes to relocate its plants to countries like India and Vietnam in the coming years.

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