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Cubitt CT4 GPS Review : A Watch Built for Fitness | Tech Reviews

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cubitt ct4 GPS Review: A Watch Built for Fitness | Tech Reviews



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Choosing a good smartwatch or smart band is not easy, in the midst of an offer that increases its benefits and reduces its costs. Cubitt is a brand that, without being endorsed by a smartphone firm as part of its competitors in the health and wearables segment , offers products focused on physical activity and well-being without neglecting style. Is the cubitt ct4 gps worth it? This is our opinion:

Cubitt CT4 GPS: Technical Specifications

SIZE AND WEIGHT Package: 17.1 x 9.6 x 2.2 cm | 47 grams
SCREEN 1.28″ 2.5D Round TFT-LCD | Variable Brightness
FUNCTIONS Sleep, 14 sports monitored, compatible with iOS and Android
SENSORS Accelerometer, heart rate
AUTONOMY 300mAh | Pin system | charge in 2 hours


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We have a good brightness TFT LCD screen

Cubitt CT4 GPS: what you need to know

Plastic design. It is a watch that fits the round format of smart bands, with a very comfortable curved edge for the passage of the fingers. In this case, the silver frame adds two buttons for interaction: one as access to the pre-installed apps on the device and the other to start a routine in one of the 14 sports monitored from this device.

This is what the side buttons look like
This is what side buttons look like
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Health sensors. At the center of the back cover are located the sensors for the measurements. In this case, we have a system of LED lights that allow us to identify the level of oxygen in the blood, the heart rate and the details associated with our activity.

We can record our sleep quality
We can record our quality of sleep

My sleep, cardiac activity and blood oxygen records have been within what one can expect from this type of equipment: consistent, capable of measuring variations and with the possibility of automating data collection.

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We have blood oxygen meter
We have a blood oxygen meter

Strange start. For some reason, you must connect the USB cable with the pins to the computer to start it, unlike a traditional power button. This can be a problem, because you need to download the phone app to be able to turn off the watch if we don’t want to use it at that time. Consider that. Speaking of the app, it’s called VeryFit and you need it to manage team metrics and install updates. From there you can choose your covers, although they are limited in quantity.

The metric is synced with the VeryFit app
The metric is synced with the VeryFit app

A disappointing TFT. The screen is one of the elements that caused me some discomfort. For starters, the panel’s refresh rate is low compared to the fluid animations we find on an Honor or Huawei smartband, for example. On the other hand, the tactile response is not efficient in some parts. I must confess that I had a hard time activating or deactivating the “do not disturb” option.

The touch response is not very good, and the black background appears as gray
Touch response is not very good, and the black background appears as gray |

A strange detail, without a doubt, is that we do not have the classic panel shutdown system when you put your hand on it, something that I assumed came by default in all watches and that I have been able to find in equipment below 250 soles. If it does, it has cost me a lot to activate it, and if it has to be activated, we are already escaping the standard of watches that add this function automatically.

The lower button allows us to access the exercises
The lower button allows us to access the exercises

Navigation within the watch’s proprietary OS allows us to go through screens such as heart rate, blood oxygen measurement and stress. The order of these screens cannot be edited, nor can they include the music player. Incidentally, the Music feature can also control playback from Spotify or TIDAL.

Music control is simple, it does not give us track information
The music control is simple, it does not give us the information of the track |

A great location. For sports, including GPS is a relief. Have the possibility to review our routes. As soon as you go out and start any activity from the phone, the GPS already records our location with very little margin for error. This obviously reduces battery life.

22mm strap has a simple release mechanism
22mm strap has a simple release mechanism

How “smart” is it? We are within what one expects in the field of round smartbands. We have already mentioned that a smartwatch has an ecosystem of apps to install, as is the case with models under Fitbit, Google, Apple and Samsung. In the case of smart bands, we cannot add third-party apps and we must live with the “out of the box” proposal. At this point, this Cubitt CT4 GPS receives notifications from emails, WhatsApp and other apps, but does not issue responses from the watch. We can answer or hang up a call, but we cannot talk through the watch, as we can with other brands.

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Average Battery. The equipment meets the expectation of 7 days of use. However, it is normal to expect in these equipment that the energy drains quickly, being on an average close to 15%. Try to charge it when receiving the alert of that percentage. With intense use of GPS, we have obtained up to 4 and a half days of use, a good quota.

We have a pin charging system for the team
We have a pin charging system for the team

It’s worth it? This is where the debate gets “spicy”. We are talking about a gadget that is offered for around $100, a price that puts it slightly below Huawei’s Watch GT2 Pro and 60 soles below the Amazfit GTR 2 , two teams with an AMOLED screen and that are, surely, the point of reference in this segment of watches with GPS. And that we are not counting the square variants offered by brands such as Xiaomi, Honor, realme and others.

The watch is in a complicated price range

This Cubitt CT4 GPS may be cheaper, but its shortcomings are obvious, compared to more robust models. Compared to the AMOLED of other models, a TFT screen that does not have a sensor for switching off with the palm of the hand is, clearly, a surprising absence. For health and sports monitoring, other brands have more competitive models. As we said at the beginning, it is not easy to choose a smartwatch, but it is clear that the task of assigning the right price is more difficult. Keep checking out our site for more tech reviews.


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