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Curious: hobbyist puts Mac Mini (M1) in a Nintendo Wii



Luke Miani is a familiar face on the tech hobbyist scene. Now he has installed a Mac Mini in the small housing of a Nintendo Wii. The result is impressive!

The current Mac Mini, powered by Apple’s own M1 processor, packs a lot of power into a compact form factor. To do this, it requires comparatively little power and cooling. Apple has thus brought a lot of momentum to the processor market.

The actual hardware in the Mac Mini is so small that it fits on a motherboard about the size of a hand. Ideal for freeing them from the silver casing and putting them in all sorts of other clothes.

YouTuber Luke Miani grabbed a 2006 Nintendo Wii, stripped out the innards, and used the Mac Mini’s hardware.

However, it was not that easy: The power supply unit and cable had to be modified. For this purpose, a step-down converter for the board and a 12-volt fan were installed.

Finally, he shows how well various emulated games (Wii, Gamecube and PlayStation 2) work on it. It’s not just a working computer, it’s also an excellent retro gaming station. It’s not Miani’s first project. He’s already built himself an Apple Studio Display for half the price of the original, or built a Core i9 into a Mac and outperformed the M1 chip, or built his own Mac with the M1 chip.

We’re excited to see what unexpected devices Mac Minis will be built into in the future. Do you have ideas for interesting craft projects? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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