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Date & prices of the Intel Arc upper class A750, A770 and A770 LE

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Intel used its own event “Intel InnovatiON” and announced all sorts of news. In addition to the 13th processor generation, there was also information about the upper class models of the Arc graphics cards.

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The journey into the graphics card market has been more than bad for Intel so far: postponements, moderate test runs in Asian countries and apparently still driver problems. Gamers Nexus has also published reviews of the A380 and A750.

The entry-level and mid-range models are already officially on the market. So far, however, they have been difficult or impossible to obtain.

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The A770 and A750 graphics cards are expected to be on the market from October 12th. The models represent the upper class of the new Intel GPUs.

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Of course, there is a catch here too: First of all, the cards should only appear in the USA. Even for neighboring Canada there is still no concrete information, not to mention Germany. The publication is – apparently – gradually.

Overview of the Arc graphics cards for the desktop

A310 A380 A580 A750 LE A770 A770 LE
architecture Xe HPG (Alchemist)
graphics chip ACM-G11 ACM-G10
process TSMC 6N
Xe cores 6 8th 24 28 32
FP32 ALUs 768 1,024 3,072 3,584 4,096
memory size
256 bits
16 GB
TGP 75 watts 175 watts 225 watts
RRP $289 $329 $349

Naming: Limited means Founders

With the green competitor Nvidia, a certain naming of the cards has been established. The reference models from Nvidia itself are called “Founders Edition” and serve as a template for Intel. Intel’s “Limited Editions” are, according to their own statement, “our Founders Edition”. Different name, same concept. Partner manufacturers are free to play around with the Arc A750 and A770 and create their own designs.

The Arc A770 with 8 GB of video memory should only be available as a custom design from third-party manufacturers. What these look like and when they will be delivered is not yet known.

The heavyweight: Arc A770

The Arc 770 is Intel’s most powerful Alchemist graphics card. In terms of performance, it should be on the same level as an Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti. It uses the full ACM G10 chip.

The GPU will initially be available in two different versions: as a limited edition with 16 GB (17.5 Gbps) and as a “normal” version with 8 GB (16 Gbps) graphics memory.

It is unclear how long this limited edition will be available, which should also be significantly faster with significantly more VRAM. However, the prices for the US market are clear: 349 US dollars for the LE version, the 8GB model is said to be available from 329 US dollars. In fact, a very fair surcharge for twice the memory.

Slightly slimmed down: Arc A750

The Arc A750 uses the same chip as the Arc A770, but is only a partial expansion. Means: The chip has fewer active Xe cores and is therefore somewhat weaker.

The Arc A750 is only available as a Limited Edition for $289 (before taxes). The performance should roughly correspond to an Nvidia RTX 3060.

In parallel, Intel offers its own variant of AI upsampling called XeSS. Most gamers should know this technology from Nvidia with the abbreviation DLSS, which is now in its third generation. At AMD, gaming fans will also find what they are looking for with AMD FSR.

XeSS is now available via update for all Arc graphics cards. By the end of the year, more than 20 games should be supported. It currently only works on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

Of course, Intel’s graphics cards also come to us in the shop. As soon as we have more information, DE prices and a date, we will of course let you know!

What do you think of Intel’s Arc graphics cards so far? Have you already informed yourself about this? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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