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Dreame V12 vs. V12 Pro : Small Details Don’t Make A Big Difference | Comparison

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dreame v12 vs. V12 Pro : Small Details Don’t Make A Big Difference | Comparison



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Dreame has two very similar cordless vacuum cleaners in its range, which only differ in details. In the test, we clarify who should go for the “Pro” and who can save the money.

Dreame belongs to the Xiaomi group, but usually doesn’t let it hang out that way. In recent years they have built a respectable reputation for selling vacuum cleaners that offer very good value for money. But to be fair, it wasn’t difficult. Dyson vacuum cleaners have exorbitant prices and the alternative are the cheapest Chinese vacuum cleaners for €50 with a cable, which are half broken after they fall over.

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I already had the latter – I don’t need it again. In my search for my next vacuum cleaner, I came across the Dreame V12 and its “Pro” version. The normal V12 costs around €85 less than the V12 Pro, which costs around €360. So the question was, what more do I get with the “Pro” and do I notice that in practice?

Dreame V12 vs V12 Pro – the technical data in comparison

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If I compare two products with each other, a table is always useful. So here are the technical data of the two Dreame vacuum cleaners in direct comparison. Differences are highlighted

Model dreame v12 pro Dream V12
Price 359.99€ 274.90€
Suction power 32.000 pa 27.000 pa
Working time 9, 30, 85 min. with decreasing suction level 8, 30, 90 minutes with decreasing suction level
Loading time 4 h 4 h
Dust chamber 500 ml 500 ml
Maximum volume 73 dB 79 dB
Battery pack 2.700 mAh 3000 mAh
Battery replaceable no no
Display LCD LCD
Wipe function no no
Flexible suction pipe yes yes
LED lights on floor nozzle no no
LED crevice tool yes yes
Weight 1.6 kg as a hand vacuum 1.7 kg as a handheld vacuum cleaner, 2.6 kg completely expanded


The technical differences between Dreame V12 and V12 Pro are not really big. The Pro has a little more “power”, but also the smaller battery. It’s rather unusual for a “Pro” device to have a smaller battery. This in turn leads to a shorter stated runtime.

On the other hand, it’s not really surprising either because the Dreame V12 Pro is actually the successor to the V12. In China, the Pro is called Dreame V16. You can currently find both online at the same time. But enough of the gray theory – let’s get into practice.

Processing and design – practically identical

From the first second it becomes clear that these are really very similar vacuum cleaners. You have to look closely to find a visual difference between the two Dreame devices. Even when it comes to the scope of delivery, both are practically identical.

  • Carbon-reinforced plastic intake manifold
  • Floor brush with multi-dusting brush (for carpet and hard floors)
  • Suction head with 0.5 l dust chamber and integrated battery
  • Wall bracket with dowels and screws
  • Flex hose
  • Knickrohr Adapter
  • motorized carpet and mite brush
  • brush attachment
  • dust brush
  • Joint nozzle
  • Charging cable EU
  • German Manual

There are a few differences in the color accents. The Dream V12 Pro has a gold border around the suction unit, while the regular V12 has a silver border. There are also some red accents on the normal V12, but apart from that the two devices are confusingly similar.

Both suction cups are also very good when it comes to processing. Gaps are small and absolutely even. There is a slight difference in weight, but I can’t say I really noticed it in practice. Another difference is the presentation of the display elements, but these are purely design-related. Neither display shows more information than the other.

I’m not sure yet if I like the fact that so many parts are made of clear plastic on both Dreame teats. In my experience, such parts will never be as clean as the moment you take them out of the box.

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Running time, suction power and handling – small differences

When it comes to pure handling, the Dreame V12 and V12 Pro are practically the same. The differences in weight are also not noticeable in practice. In addition, the dirt containers (identical 0.5L) can be emptied very easily on both devices.

Both Dreame vacuum cleaners also use a washable HEPA filter, which can be removed with a small turn of the Dreame logo. The same applies to the filter for dirt and hair on the underside – unscrew it once and you can easily clean it.

Both Dreame vacuum cleaners each come with a docking station. It can be installed on the wall and, when the power pack is connected, it can also be charged directly there. Alternatively, you can also charge the handpiece yourself. However, the docking station also offers the advantage that three accessories can be clicked in there.

The suction power is different. Then there is a bigger difference. Since the Dreame V12 Pro has almost 19% more suction power, it is more suitable for carpets with a fiber length of more than 1.5 cm (shaggy carpet). With normal hard floors such as tiles, laminate and parquet, however, the additional suction power of the Dreame V12 Pro does not offer any advantage.

If you now have a wild mixture of runners and hard floors at home, it should also be said that the Dreame V12 Pro has a function that the normal V12 does not yet have – the automatic suction power boost. In Auto mode, the V12 Pro increases the suction power for carpets and fabric covers by itself. It actually works quite well, but it doesn’t change anything fundamentally.

Incidentally, I have to compliment Dreame on the runtime – the information is absolutely precise. In normal operation, both devices stop working after 30 minutes. This is enough to completely vacuum most homes once. In Eco mode, the Dreame V12 is actually a few minutes longer. But you have to decide for yourself whether a minute more or less running time with the turbo is decisive for the war. I do not think so.

Unfortunately, the battery on both devices cannot be easily replaced. It’s a shame because these types of devices are often used until they’re empty and then stay in the charging station for a longer period of time. With a little manual skill, however, it is possible to change the battery of both the Dreame V12 and the Dreame V12 Pro. Replacement batteries can be found online for €50-60 (+ postage).

Volume – it’s okay

I’m sensitive to this issue – simply because I don’t want to wear ANC headphones just because my vacuum cleaner thinks it must be annoying. But there is an all-clear for both Dreame devices – it’s okay.

Of course, neither the Dreame V12 nor the V12 Pro are whisper-quiet, but with less than 80dB it is still a tolerable level. Interestingly, the V12 Pro tends to make a slight whistling noise that the regular V12 doesn’t have.

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Dreame V12 vs V12 Pro – which cordless vacuum cleaner is better?

The question of which of the two cordless vacuum cleaners suits you better depends on your floors. If you have a lot of carpets with long fibers, it makes sense to use the Dreame V12 Pro – this also applies to pet owners. The increased suction power can be better utilized in such situations.

The Dreame V12 is perfectly adequate for normal hard floors and carpets with a fiber length of less than 1.5 cm (short-pile carpet). The slightly longer battery life of the Dreame V12 also speaks for it. So most users can safely save 30% and don’t have to worry about missing out on an important feature.


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