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Dyson V12 Detect Slim Review : As Effective As It Is Light | Tech Reviews

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Dyson V12 Detect Slim Review : As Effective As It Is Light | Tech Reviews



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One of the strengths of cordless vacuum cleaners is the comfort and manageability that operating without cables gives, but the truth be told: sometimes the combination of motor, tank and battery results in a device that can be heavy and not very ergonomic. For those looking for maximum lightness without giving up solvent cleaning specifications, the British firm has launched this Dyson V12 Slim, which we have had the opportunity to thoroughly test in its “Complete” version.

BATTERY up to 60 minutes
BRUSHES Direct drive brush, fluffy laser brush
TANK CAPACITY 0.0.35 liters
SCREEN LCD a color
WHAT IS IN THE BOX Vacuum cleaner, adapter, manual, Slim Fluffy Laser Brush, Direct Drive Brush, Mini turbo brush, Soft brush, Multifunction accessory, Corner, Top Up Adapter, Accessory for difficult corners, Brush for difficult dirt, Extension hose and Clip
PRICE 689 euros



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Those lines, those finishes, those garish colors… when you see the Dyson V12 Slim you can’t help but say that “Your face sounds familiar to me”. And this is good news: the use of aluminum and plastic characteristic of the Dyson offers resistance, moderate lightness and a perfect fit of the pieces (in terms of speed and absence of gaps).

Of course, for the more experienced eye that has already had to deal with some of the latest releases of cordless vacuum cleaners from the British house, such as the Dyson V11 Absolute Extra or the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute , we appreciate two fundamental differences: the head of the Dyson V12 Slim is somewhat more compact and lighter and also lacks a trigger in favor of a striking red button .

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It is worth dwelling on its size and weight because it is one of its differentiating factors. With up to 60 minutes of battery typical of the most complete models and a slightly less powerful engine, the trick of its lightness is in the tank, much smaller than its older brothers. And the consequence is clear: you are going to have to empty it more.

Little mystery has its big red button : press it to turn the vacuum cleaner on or off. With this design you will always spend a little more battery than trigger models, in that you lose a few seconds of not vacuuming to stop it. But neither is it something that makes a difference and in return, you avoid having to force the posture of your hand and wrist.

The fact that it is lighter than usual and that it does not force us to be squeezing results in the Dyson V12 Slim being the most interesting cordless household vacuum cleaner for people of a certain age and/or with physical problems , for example muscle or joint problems. Come on, it’s the one I would recommend to my mom, who often complains about the weight of braces and has arthritis.

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The rest of the vacuum head is very similar to the rest of the family, with a consolidated design that is moderately ergonomic and practical . In this sense, we highlight the position of the battery, in the lower and removable area, and how easy and fast it is to clean the tank and filter area.

Very useful is the screen that you will find on the back of the head, right in front of your eyes, which will allow you to know in real time its battery with the mode you are using and alternate between one and the other by pressing the button that you will find next to it.

We end this section by highlighting the quality and quantity of the accessories included in the Dyson V12 Slim Complete, which will allow you to clean the entire house and car. We proceed to list the accessories and their use:

  • Direct Drive brush , for all types of floors.
  • Slim Fluffy Laser Brush , recommended for hard floors and with lighting to better see dirt.
  • Mini tangle free turbo brush for long hair (perfect for households with pets in small spaces)
  • Soft brush , to remove dust from screens and surfaces.
  • Multifunction accessory , useful for mattresses and similar textiles.
  • Corner , for corners and narrow spaces.
  • Top Up Adapter and Accessory for difficult corners , two elbow-type accessories with which to clean, for example, the cornice, under or on top of furniture.
  • Stubborn dirt brush with stiff bristles.
  • Extension hose .
  • Charger and charging port , to store the vacuum cleaner and have it ready to use.

How is the Dyson V12 Slim absolute different from the Dyson V12 Slim Complete? The first has 2 brushes and 7 accessories and the second 2 brushes and 10 accessories.


In one sentence: the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute is enough for cleaning the whole house . And it is for four reasons: its power meets even in difficult scenarios such as carpets, its accessories make it versatile, its battery is among the best on the market and it is comfortable in hand. Of course, it is not perfect and it has certain limitations as we will see.

  • Floor cleaning . Probably its best asset is this scenario, where low or medium power is enough to deal with daily dirt. Although it is not as comfortable as a robot vacuum cleaner that operates autonomously, a floor of 55 square meters is cleaned in less than 10 minutes and obviously, you can affect the dirtiest areas and reach the corners. The lighting of the brush is a plus so that we do not miss anything.
  • It has little to envy the sled vacuum cleaners in carpet cleaning . In this sense, with several passes, maximum power and the right accessory, the rug looks great both visually and by waving it in the air. Of course, if you have a flat of 100 square meters or more with carpet and it is very dirty, then its battery does fall short. But for a couple of rugs, it is more than enough for both deep cleaning and maintenance.

  • One of my favorite tasks during these analyzes is to take advantage of a good domestic cleaning spree where the vacuuming of mattresses and other textiles such as the sofa is not lacking , another cleaning scenario where this vacuum cleaner shines. Here you will greatly appreciate how manageable it is and accessories such as the multifunction or the mini brushes. In a home without pets like mine, the medium power is enough to leave the sofa spotless.
  • And the car? Due to how manageable it is without cables, the accessories and its power is enough for superficial maintenance cleaning, but if your car is very dirty or you have pets, then it will fall short. Elements such as the mats or the trunk are real dirt magnets and to get rid of them you will have to use maximum power, which eats up the battery. But if you resort to industrial cleaning with some frequency, it will be enough to keep it decent.

Power vs Battery

In the previous point we have already gone over power and battery, two essential characteristics to be successful when choosing a good cordless vacuum cleaner . According to the manufacturer, the Dyson V12 Slim offers up to 150AW of power and up to 60 minutes of use, although it is not possible to have the combination of the two: if you opt for maximum power, do not expect more than XX minutes of battery.

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Thus, these are the modes and the battery they offer:

  • The Boost mode is the maximum power and with it you can vacuum less than 8 minutes. Why less? Because as soon as the battery is running low, the vacuum cleaner automatically switches to a less ambitious mode. The Boost is ideal for textiles like rugs or for vacuuming the floor if you spill the contents of the tank, something that happened to a friend.
  • With the medium mode, its battery is around 32 minutes . In my analysis, this has been the mode that I have used the most for cleaning floors and textiles.
  • If you only want to clean the floor, you do it on a regular basis and there are no pets in your house, with the Eco mode you will have more than enough (less than 53 minutes in our experience) . The good thing is that the approximate hour of battery it offers gives you for several days.


Both on the web and in the manuals you will find how to do it, request spare parts or repairs . In your day to day, what you will do most is clean the accessories, the filter and, given the size of your tank, clean it frequently.

I already warned you that cleaning the tank is a piece of cake : stand on a rubbish bin and pull the red tab downwards so that the lid opens and the dirt falls out. From here, you can always reach in to clean it more thoroughly.

The Dyson are always positioned in the upper mid-range of vacuum cleaners and it is easy to ask yourself, before choosing one, if it is worth investing more money than in other similar more affordable models. Well, one of the strong points of the Dyson is its durability: they are long-term vacuum cleaners .

Apart from the fact that they are well made, they are robust and their accessories are compatible with each other (if you had a Dyson V10 corner holder for example, you can use it with this model), the best thing is that its battery is removable .

What does this mean in practice? That when its battery is reduced over time as a result of use, you can buy another original or compatible battery and you will have its original battery again. In addition, you can replace it yourself, without having to disassemble anything. You can also buy another unit and thus “double” its battery. They are expensive, yes, but you have a vacuum cleaner for many years .

Dyson V12 Slim, Fadvices opinion

If you are clear that you want a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, the main differences between the models (and their cost) are in battery, accessories and power. Of the first two, this Dyson V12 Slim Complete version is well served and in terms of power, it has measured up in common scenarios such as floors, carpets and other textiles. Where it falls shortest in this sense would be in the car, but we already warned you that the house’s more ambitious models have also succumbed to pet hair embedded in the textile lining the trunk. After all, they are not vacuum cleaners for industrial cleaning and yes for domestic cleaning and here it approves with a note .

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This light version results in more manageability and that is appreciated by anyone, even if the price to pay is having to pay more attention to emptying the tank. The question to ask yourself has to do with your needs: More power or lighter weight? A matter of taste, but personally I have noticed that extra manageability more on a day-to-day basis.

Although on the web the difference in price between the Dyson V15 and the Dyson V12 is 200 euros, in practice the first can be found for 649 euros and the second for 689 euros , so the savings will not determine the choice too much. If we compare it with other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, the reality is that like the rest of Dyson, this is an expensive model .

Now, it is a matter of thinking about needs and the long term: the suction results are optimal (like many others), the accessories are of quality and easy to replace (here other alternatives already falter) and the commitment to durability with that practical removable battery are a guarantee of using it for many years. And here the accounts come out .

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