Are you looking for a car with an electric drive and don’t want to worry about things like registration, insurance, wear and tear and maintenance? Then this offer is definitely interesting for you: you can get the Tesla Model 3 with a car subscription from Finn at a low monthly fixed price. Here you get the details.

Subscribe to Tesla at a bargain price

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If your looking for one mid-size sedan and are just waiting for a good offer, you should stop by Finn. There it is Tesla Model 3 Long Range (AWD) in the car subscription with maximum 12,000 kilometers per year for a monthly price of 699 euros (See offer at Finn). The car subscription runs for 12 months and includes all costs except for charging the vehicle. The special thing about this offer: The car is already available in early October and will even be conveniently delivered to your home. You can even get the entry-level version with a standard range for 679 euros in the month.

Car subscription: The Model 3 at a glance

The Tesla Model 3 is as mid-size sedan designed to appeal to a wide audience and is also affordable for average earners. Tesla speaks of a “zero-emission, sporty vehicle with a long range”. You want to lure customers with “advanced technology that offers a high level of everyday use”. This concept seems to be working, after all Tesla was able to sell more than 140,000 Model 3 in Europe alone in 2021 and thus conquer the top of new electric vehicle registrations. As a star in the e-middle class, the Model 3 scores with a minimalist design, a lot of comfort and a long range.

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As with all cars, the range depends largely on the driving style – however, the Model 3 plays through the built-in 82 kWh battery With 602 km at the forefront according to WLTP. This means that the car is also suitable for regular and long journeys on the motorway without additional charging. If the battery should then be completely empty, the vehicle can also be taken along particularly quickly – provided there is a suitable charging station recharge up to 250 kW. Charging the battery from 10 to 80 percent then takes approx. 27 minutes.

  • Drive: electric (four-wheel drive)
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Body: 5 doors
  • Power: 366 kW (498 hp)
  • Range: 602 km (WLTP) with 82 kWh battery
  • List price: 54,910 euros
  • Available from 04.10.2022

Subscribe to an electric car: cost accounting

Cost of the pure subscription:

  • Monthly price: 12 × 699 euros
  • Delivery costs: 0 euros
  • Total costs after 12 months: 8,388 euros
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You will also incur the following costs:

The pure subscription costs are not enough. The contract itself includes the costs for vehicle fees, insurance, maintenance, GEZ, normal wear and tear, the main inspection and registration. You only have to pay for charging the vehicle yourself. Anyone who exceeds the inclusive kilometers pays EUR 0.21 per additional kilometer. There is also a €199 return collection fee if you do not drop off the vehicle at a specific location.