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Elon Musk and his plan B in case Apple and Google decide to remove Twitter from their stores

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Elon Musk new owner and CEO of Twitter, continues to cause controversy for his actions and statements issued through his own platform. However, this time it is not precisely due to the situation of the company, its questionable decisions regarding its workers, the unbanning of suspended users or the malfunctioning of account verification, but rather a possibility that involves GoogleApple.

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Last Friday, November 25, the tycoon once again used his official account on the platform to mention that, if necessary, he would create his own smartphone and operating system to face iOS of Apple Y Android of Google in case they remove the app from Twitter from their respective digital stores.

Elon Musk would create his own smartphone if Twitter is removed from stores

The answer of Musk was published after Liz Wheeler podcaster and former host of One America News Network (OANN)mentioned that the current CEO of Twitter should choose to develop their own mobile and operating system in case the app of the social network is withdrawn from digital stores. This topic has begun to resonate in recent days because the tycoon hides behind “respecting freedom of expression” to allow certain controversial content on his platform.

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“Yes AppleGoogle withdraw to Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk should produce its own smartphone. Half the country would cast aside the biased and snoopers iphoneAndroid. Man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy right? said wheeler sarcastically in his post.

Hours later, the businessman replied that he would, indeed, but he hopes he will not be forced to develop it. “I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that, but, yeah, if there’s no other option, I’ll make an alternate phone.” said Musk.

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After the tycoon posted his response, wheeler You started a survey through your account Twitter asking his followers if they would use this device, calling it “telONphone”. The survey already has more than 123,000 votes, of which 51.3% answered that they would use it, while the remaining 48.7% said no.

Can Twitter be removed from the Play Store and App Store?

Apple Y Google have policies that prohibit apps from their digital stores (app store Y Play Store respectively) contain hate speech or discrimination, harassment and explicit sexual content. Following the US Capitol riots on January 6, 2022, tech firms pulled the app Parler of their platforms for having been used by protesters to plan the event. However, he was allowed to return after modifying some of his sections.

Although Musk declared his intention to create his own smartphone in case Apple Y Google withdraw to Twitter of his stores, not everything that the tycoon declares ends up coming true. Therefore, only time will tell if he actually develops his cell phone or not.

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