The Federal Association of Consumer Centers is suing the Berlin gas supplier GASAG. He is accused of having offered significantly higher gas tariffs to new customers. Affected customers are encouraged to join the lawsuit.

Consumer centers are suing GASAG

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Because significantly higher gas tariffs The Federal Association of Consumers (VZBV) is suing GASAG AG in Berlin for basic and replacement supply. The Berlin Court of Appeal has admitted a corresponding model declaratory action, which was brought on August 16, 2022. The VZBV is now looking for affected customers who would like to take part in the lawsuit.

The federal association accuses GASAG of winter 2021 Significantly more expensive tariffs for new customers to have introduced. Households that switched to GASAG were to pay over 150 percent more than existing customers. Even those who became a customer of the basic supplier through a move had to pay much more than existing customers until May 1, 2022. Only then did GASAG end the “tariff split”. The additional costs are said to have amounted to several hundred euros.

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The VZBV sees discrimination in GASAG’s collective bargaining policy, which has since been abandoned. According to Henning Fischer from the Federal Association, GASAG “create a two-tier system”. In particular, it is criticized that GASAG is the basic gas supplier. If customers are no longer supplied by another provider, the gas will automatically come from GASAG (source: VZBV).

Lawsuit over gas prices: landlord has to play along

The VZBV points out that only persons may join the lawsuit who Cost of gas not included as part of utilities transfer to the landlord. In this case, the landlord is the customer and not the tenant. A “lawsuit check” is available on the VZBV website, which can be used to find out whether people can participate in the lawsuit.