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Google Bard is much dumber than ChatGPT, but holds a major trump card



Anyone who has tried ChatGPT and Google Bard knows that Google’s chatbot is way behind. Still, Google has an important trump card. It’s Google Bard vs ChatGPT.

Google Bard vs ChatGPT

When ChatGPT was launched, it was immediately clear that the chatbot had overtaken Google in some places. Google was shocked by this and quickly came up with the news that the company also had a chatbot in the works. This Google Bard is now available in the United States, but the results are a bit disappointing.

The underlying technology of ChatGPT and Bard is similar, so the chatbots work largely the same in terms of practical applications. Yet Bard knows how to hold his own in conversations a lot less well. That is striking, because Google has been the market leader when it comes to artificial intelligence until now.

That difference is easy to explain. These chatbots are based on language models. That means they’ve been fed a lot of texts, where they make connections to learn how sentences are formed. ChatGPT gives the chatbot a lot of freedom to do so, resulting in unpredictable, complex and often intelligent answers. Google thinks that’s way too exciting.

Google Bard

Microsoft dare

Microsoft, which incorporates ChatGPT into its products, clearly doesn’t mind that unpredictability. The updated and very unstable GPT-4 was quickly added to its search engine Bing and later also to Windows. Everyone was allowed to work with it, while the chatbot said the strangest things.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has opened up an unstable artificial intelligence to the public. Who can forget the bot Tay, who learned from tweets and posted racist messages in no time.

Compared to Microsoft, Google finds it much more important to uphold its image and does not want to run the risk that a chatbot will say bad things under its name. Google values ​​reliability and security (which is arguable) and that makes Bard a bit dumb and boring.

Google has another chance

That does not mean that this AI race is already over. ChatGPT only had old information to draw from and current information is now also added via plugins. Google has something much more important: your data.

Since you use Android, chances are you also have a bunch of Google services for your emails, searches, appointments, routes, photos, documents and so on. That is a lot of information to help you personally.

In terms of digital assistants, we often talk about the movie Her, in which the artificial intelligence learns from the user and becomes increasingly personal. Google Bard theoretically has the greatest potential to go in that direction, because Google can know so much about us. But then the search giant must dare to let go of those reins.

Meet about chatbots

As smart as ChatGPT and Google Bard seem, they are not self-aware. However, ChatGPT can do much more since GPT-4. But keep an eye out for your privacy.

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