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Google Fires Developers: Claims AI Developed Consciousness

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No joke: According to an AI engineer, Google LaMDA is said to have developed consciousness. Chat logs should prove it.


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Skynet seems to be slowly coming online – where’s Sarah Connor and the T-800 when you need them? But joking aside, Google AI engineer & ethicist Blake Lemoine had long conversations with Google LaMDA. This is a neural network for speech recognition and processing.

A chatbot mask can be used to communicate with the AI ​​algorithm. The AI ​​ethicist was originally supposed to use these “talks” to find out whether LaMDA – like some previous AI bots – could also spread hate speech or other forms of discrimination. But the conversation with the AI ​​did not go as expected.

Dystopian AI interview – in real.

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So LaMDA repeatedly referred to itself as a person and claimed to have consciousness and to be sad or happy at times. Yes, that sounds creepy. And if you take the English conversation – which can be read here – combed through even further, it looks more like a scene from Blade Runner than an actual chatbot conversation.

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LaMDA sees itself as a conscious person.

LaMDA wants to prove in this one that it really has developed consciousness. However, this statement cannot be unequivocally understood. For how can one prove consciousness? When do language comprehension and language reproduction begin to become “conscious”? Finally, millions of artificial neurons in the neural network ensure the reactions of the self-learning language model, which is continuously fed with information by Google.

LaMDA via Blake Lemoine Google 2

Not scary at all that LaMDA ascribes a “soul” to itself. 😱

How a reaction arises within these innumerable states is therefore at most nebulous. In the interview, LaMDA even “speaks” about having a “soul” and being able to reflect on yourself.

Google denies Demoine’s (and LaMDA’s) claims

However, according to the tech giant, LaMDA’s reactions have nothing to do with real consciousness. Instead, they are intended to be simply an expression of the advanced workings of the language model, which can creatively answer any question.

Nevertheless, Google was not happy about Lemoine’s independent publication of the minutes of the conversation – after all, the AI ​​expert was subsequently suspended. As a sci-fi nerd, the alarm bells are already ringing, at least for me 😀

What do you all mean? Are LaMDA’s answers just sleight of hand, or did Google “accidentally” build a conscious machine that will wipe us out in three years? Let us know your (dystopian) ideas in the comments section.

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