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Google Maps Live View, smart charging your car and more: this is new in Google Maps

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Google has further expanded its Maps navigation app. Among other things with augmented reality information, details about charging points and better accessibility. We will go through all the updates for you.

Google Maps has new features: here they are

Google has added three updates to Maps. The tech giant previously announced the new features and is now rolling them out to users around the world. The update provides you with additional information for several themes. We have listed them for you in this article.

1. Search with Google Maps Live View

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First of all, Live View has been expanded. With Live View you turn on your camera to follow navigation. The digital route is then projected into the real world, also known as AR (augmented reality) named. Live View can already be used in several large cities in the Netherlands.

google zoeken met live view

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With the latest update, you can also search with Live View. This means that in addition to navigation, you can also look around your surroundings. This way you can see exactly which shop, ATM or restaurant is located somewhere. Useful if map reading isn’t your strong point. Currently, Live View search is only available in a few major world cities. The nearest to us is Paris.

2. More information about electric charging stations

Do you own or use an electric car? Then it is useful to be able to load easily. Depending on where you work or live, finding a fast charger is not always easy. In order to display the range of charging stations in more detail, Google has added more information to Maps.

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google filters laadpaal

In addition to being able to see which type of charging station is available and whether it is occupied, you can now also apply more filters. For example, you only see the fastest charging stations or you only get charging options that work with the plug of your car. The new filters are now available to all Google Maps users in the Netherlands.

3. Wheelchair Accessibility

Before you go somewhere, it is useful to know whether it is easy to get in here. Do you, a family member or friend use a wheelchair, for example, then this is not so obvious. With the latest update you can see in no time whether a company is wheelchair friendly or not.

After you turn on ‘accessible places’ in the Google Maps settings, an icon will appear next to companies. If it is coloured, you can visit without any worries. If it is crossed out, it is not optimal for wheelchair users. In addition, this function is of course also useful if you go out with a child guard, suitcases or wagon.

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