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Google Nest WiFi Pro: Google’s fastest tri-band 6E router is capable of detecting and isolating intruders on our WiFi

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Google has been reinforcing generation after generation for quite some time a catalog of connected devices for the home that has a main axis, the Nest WiFi router. The company’s next step has been to launch a model called Pro, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro which takes the connection speed to a point never seen before in the company.

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The new Google router is once again the center of the company’s connected home, with software that in this edition is responsible for anticipating possible network errors and congestion and protecting internal home communications. Or from the office. The Nest Wi-Fi Pro is capable of connecting to other units to expand coverage which makes it ideal for large surfaces.

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A WiFi 6E router that manages itself and detects connection errors


Google presents its new Nest WiFi Pro for home or office. A WiFi 6E router, which means it is capable of simultaneously connect to 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz networks (hence tri-band) to maximize bandwidth for internal traffic. In addition to this, the Nest WiFi Pro constantly analyzes web traffic and performance, detecting possible errors and alerting us to correct them as soon as possible.

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Also, as with Mesh routers, the Google Nest WiFi Pro manages the network internally to avoid congestion and make the network more fluid. Something with which it also manages to spend less energy, also optimizing electrical consumption at this point. The Nest WiFi Pro also adds an important security component that allows us to detect network intrusions and cut off traffic to unwanted devices thus being able to protect the transmissions from the rest.

As we said at the beginning, the Google Nest WiFi Pro is designed to become the operational nerve center of our smart home, being able to simultaneously control security cameras, thermostats and other devices. the router too offers coverage for an area of ​​up to 120 square meters (depending on the materials of the house) and reaches up to 220 square meters operating in pairs, something it is capable of by pressing a few simple buttons during configuration.

All this is combined with a high simplicity in its use thanks to the Google Home application that carries the vast majority of Android mobile phones and that allows us from do speed tests to enable temporary networks for guests, or easily share our WiFi access password. Each unit, by the way, has an Ethernet port.

Versions and prices of the Google Nest WiFi Pro


The new Google router is only marketed in white and we can buy it alone or as a couple thanks to the duo pack that the manufacturer enables on its website. The router will be available from next October 27 and its prices are as follows:

  • Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Single: 219.99 euros
  • Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro two-pack: 329.99 euros

More information | Google Spain

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