Google has revised its g suite, connecting the various tools even more effectively and is now marketing them as “google workspace”. Of course, the costs differ due to the different scope of services. Here you can find out the Google Workspace prices and what you get for your money.

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Table of Contents
  1. 1.Google Workspace pricing
  2. 2.Scope of services of Google Workspace

First of all, the prices for Google Workspace always refer to a user. At least that’s how it is in the “Business Starter”, “Business Standard” and “Business Plus” versions. For the Enterprise version, you must negotiate pricing directly with the Google sales team.

Google Workspace pricing

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Per user and month you pay for Google Workspace

  • in tariff “business starters“ 5.20 euros,
  • in tariff “business standard“ 10.40 euros and
  • in tariff “BusinessPlus“ 15.60 euros.

These 3 versions are from up to 300 people usable. If more users are to be registered, you must upgrade to the “Enterprise” version. However, the versions also differ in terms of the number of participants in the video conferences. In the Business Starter package, for example, only 100 people can participate at the same time.

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You can test Google Workspace for 14 days free of charge to see whether Google Workspace is even suitable for you.

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Scope of services of Google Workspace

In principle, the following tools are included in every Google Workspace package:

Tool Function
gmail Google’s email offering
Drive Cloud storage accessible via apps
meet Google’s solution for video conferencing
Calendar The calendar application, which can also be synchronized with Outlook, for example.
chat Google Chat has replaced the Google Hangouts feature. As a cross-group chat solution, it is intended to simplify internal company communication.
jam board A type of whiteboard that can be edited collaboratively.
docs word processing
Sheets Spreadsheet, also called “Google Sheets”.
slides Google’s online version of Powerpoint
Keep Formerly “Google Keep”
sites Creation of websites without programming knowledge
forms Create surveys and forms

In addition, the packages differ in their scope of services. the Number of participants in video conferences are staggered (up to 100 in the Business Starter package, up to 150 in the Standard package and up to 500 in the Plus package).

There’s a big difference in available disk space: In the Starter package you have to make do with 30 GB, in the Standard package there are already 2 TB and every Plus user even gets 5 TB. The storage space is unlimited in the Enterprise package.

Otherwise, the versions differ in terms of support and various additional features that are available, for example, for video conferences (participation reports or noise suppression) or that are intended to protect against data loss.

The packages can be increased if necessary, so that they grow with your requirements. The services are paid for by credit card and in various countries also by PayPal or by direct debit. The payment is dynamic: Billing takes place monthly based on the registered users.

Google offers dedicated hardware for some features, such as a digital whiteboard and conferencing equipment for meetings.