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‘Here are all the prices for the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro’

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“Google Pixel 7 entry price is 649 euros”

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Last week the Google Pixel 7 already appeared at Amazon USA, so we saw the dollar price. Now the device has also appeared in various European departments of the large online department store. The entry-level model with 128GB storage will cost 649 euros here, according to the product description. The upcoming device could be found in the German, Spanish and Italian stores, among others.

Google Pixel 7 - Amazon

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This makes the entry-level price the same as with the Google Pixel 6, which was launched last year. Earlier it was mentioned that Google will also come with a 256GB variant, which will most likely cost 100 euros more.

‘Google Pixel 7 Pro costs at least 899 euros’

The entry-level price of the Pixel 7 Pro is also the same as the 6 Pro. That means that you get the smartphone for 899 euros. For that you get the variant with 128GB internal storage. The 256GB model costs 100 euros more.

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Here are the prices for the Google Pixel 7 series:

Google Pixel 7 128GB – 649 euros
Google Pixel 7 256GB – 749 euros

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB – 899 euros
Google Pixel 7 Pro 256GB – 999 euros

For the 7 Pro surcharge you get a device with a larger screen that has rounded screen edges. The resolution is also higher and the refresh rate slightly better. This makes it slightly smoother to use. Finally, the 7 Pro gets a screen with rounded screen edges, which radiates a little more luxury.

The battery capacity is a bit larger, but because the screen consumes more power, that does not necessarily mean that the battery life is the better of the two. We also expect this model to have more working memory. The Pixel 6 has 8GB of RAM, while the 6 Pro comes with 12GB of storage.

We may find the biggest difference on the back, because the 7 Pro gets an extra camera. With this telephoto lens you can bring objects a few times closer without loss of quality thanks to optical zoom.

Spread your wings

Will there be another pre-order?

Google did not officially release the Pixel devices in our little country in recent years. However, that seems to be finally changing this year. We previously published an article in which we listed various indications for this.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a pre-order promotion. In recent years, you received Bose headphones when purchasing a Pixel device in, for example, Germany. As soon as we have more information about that, you will of course read it here.

According to Amazon, the extradition will take place from October 13, exactly one week after the unveiling. On October 6, Google will hold an event, where we expect other products such as the Google Pixel Watch in addition to the new smartphones.


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