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Honor Magic 4 Pro Review : Huawei and Google In The Form Of a “Muse”

Honor Magic 4 Pro Review: Huawei and Google In The Form Of a “Muse”

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It must not be easy for Honor to erase the identity inherited from Huawei , after declaring its necessary independence in 2020. Over time, it has been able to capitalize on the need of millions of users in the world who, almost by inertia, seek that mythical meeting between the hardware of Huawei and Google software . Honor is in that field , with this Magic 4 Pro , is it worth the wait? Let our tech reviews find it out 

Honor Magic 4 Pro: technical specifications

SIZE AND WEIGHT 163.6 x 74.7 x 9.1 mm | 209 grams
SCREEN LPTO OLED 6.81″ 2848 x 1312 | 120 Hz | 1000 nits
OS Android 12 | MAGIC UI 6 | Google Mobile Services
CPU Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm)
GPU Y RAM Adreno 730 | 8 or 12 GB
STORAGE 256 o 512 GB | UFS 3.1 | sin expansion microSDXC
MAIN CHAMBER 50 MP, f/1.8, 23mm, 1/1.56″, 1.0μm, Multidirectional PDF, Laser AF
WIDE ANGLE CAMERA 50 MP, f/2.2, 122˚, 1/2.5″, AF
TELEPHOTO CAMERA 64 MP, f/3.5, 90mm periscópico, 1/2.0″, 0.7µm, PDAF, OIS, 3.5x zoom óptico
FRONT CAMERA 12 MP, f/2.4, 100˚, 1.22µm + TOF 3D biometric sensor
CONNECTIVITY 5g | WiFi 6 | BT 5.2 | NFC | emisor IR | USB-C 3.1 | UWB
MULTIMEDIA HDR10+ | stereo speakers | aptXHD
SECURITY Under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor | facial recognition
AUTONOMY 4600 mAh | 100W load | wireless 100W | 5W reverse


We have a very clean back cover in design

Honor Magic 4 Pro: a different design in the high range

It’s interesting to see how confident Honor is in imposing a bold design concept and keeping those curved edges with such a screen size. Just like the Honor 50 , we keep the lock and volume buttons on the right, while we find the USB-C port between the nanoSIM tray and a speaker. In the upper part, the other speaker and the infrared emitter coexist.

Lock and volume buttons next to it

The novelty emerges in the clean glass back cover, which highlights the famous “eye of the muse”, the name of the camera arrangement proposed by this model. To complete the design, this side of the smartphone is also curved, so watch out for slips.

At the top we find the speaker and the IR emitter
At the top we find the speaker and the IR emitter
Below the speaker, the USB-C port and the nanoSIM tray
Below, the speaker, the USB-C port and the nanoSIM tray

In this case, Honor adds an IP68 certification to the equipment, but complements it with aluminosilicate glass. Specifically, we are talking about a multi-chemical material – silicon dioxide, aluminum dioxide, lime, magnesium oxide and others – that allow greater resistance to high temperatures and chemical degradation. Far from Corning’s Gorilla Glass, Honor bets on this defense.

Honor Magic 4 Pro: a good screen with many tricks

The curved screen allows the edge of the image to pass a little

This equipment has AOD system

For Honor, the screen is one of the key pieces in this phone. We are facing an OLED panel with great image quality, both in color and in viewing angles and contrast. To improve the experience, this LPTO screen allows a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 hertz, so fluidity is guaranteed.

This highlights the front camera in the upper left corner of the panel

The border increases the brightness of the panel

The curved panel is an important addition, especially to give dimension to what we are seeing. However, what happened with the Honor 50 happens to me again: the response in the curved edges. When I wanted to send a message by voice on WhatsApp and I tried to block the microphone with a swipe, the Google Assistant appeared by confusing the recognition of my touch.

On brightness issues, we are well covered with the 1000 nits
On brightness issues, we’re well covered with the 1000 nits

Already in terms of resolution, we are a little above FullHD +, but the viewing of content is exceptional with the additions that Honor puts for color boost and controlled framing. Videos at 30 fps, for example, become more fluid in the panel, and it shows. The only inconsistency that I see in this model is that the panel is half a step behind in resolution, compared to the Xiaomi 12 Pro or the Galaxy S22 Plus, a direct rival in prices and specifications.

Honor Magic 4 Pro: Magic UI changes version

Android 12 already runs on this Magic 4 Pro
Android 12 already runs on this Magic 4 Pro
This version of Magic UI integrates side menu
This version of Magic UI integrates side menu

With Android 12, Honor bets on half the number for the change: Magic UI 6. Broadly speaking, it is the same interface as the recent versions of EMUI that add the possibility of enlarging folders on the screen, streamlining transitions and giving it a style more “Huawei”.

In our test version we had some parts in Russian.  This was already fixed in the final software release
In our test version we had some parts in Russian. This has already been corrected in the final version of the software

I have already mentioned in other reviews that this is fine, that it makes it easier to move from one company to another and that it puts Honor in a privileged place for those who were looking for a Huawei with Google services. Nothing to go to detours with this topic, except for the number of pre-installed apps – booking, Kwai, Trip, WPS, Honor apps and even two different accesses for SIM management – ​​which is already a topic that we have referenced in other reviews.

This is what the MAGIC UI 6 logo looks like
This is what the MAGIC UI 6 logo looks like

It’s an even piece of software, with some under-optimized space in the size of options and the removal of the “swipe down” from the main window to drag the quick access. Beyond this, there is everything you need from a smartphone today, including the Google Play Store. The issue is in this unnecessary jump from 4.2 to 6, which doesn’t really say anything. They were able to put 22 and nothing happened either.

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Honor Magic 4 Pro: The “eye of the muse” has contact lenses

The “eye of the muse”

Although 4 lenses appear in the technical sheet, the truth is that the work falls on 3 of the 5 that, finally, are included in this mystical circle that Honor baptizes as “the eye of the muse”. Let’s define, then, that the ToF and anti-flicker sensors are “blind”, compared to the rest of the lenses, but that they help the final product in combination with the computational processing that occurs after the shot and that, truth be told, is quite aggressive.

Photo with prime lens
Photo with prime lens
Photo with prime lens
Photo with prime lens
Photo with main lens in night mode
Photo with prime lens in night mode
Photo with prime lens
Photo with prime lens
Selfie with main lens, flipping the phone, and portrait mode
Selfie with the prime lens by flipping around the phone

As you can see, the shots with the main lens are always one step ahead, in part due to the power of the photographic optimization algorithm that takes control of everything, and with almost no effort from the user in terms of adjustments. Yes, we can take control, but the AI ​​knows its job here, even at night. A pity that we do not have OIS, an element dedicated by necessity to the periscopic system and that is essential in a premium category.

Photo with main lens in night mode
Photo with main lens in night mode

In the case of the wide angle, it works wonderfully with this computational process for photos in all kinds of light conditions. The bad thing is that we cannot use this lens at 60 fps in video under any configuration.

Photo with wide angle lens in night mode
Photo with wide angle lens (night mode)
Photo with wide angle lens in night mode
Photo with wide angle lens (night mode)
Photo with wide angle lens in night mode
Photo with wide angle lens (night mode)
Photo with wide angle lens
Photo with wide angle lens

The telephoto lens is the only one that has OIS, and that by default brings the image up to about 3.5x optical magnification. After that, the combination of components takes us up to 100x zoom. Recommendation? Use the parameter up to 50x or ranges in which the image is not deformed as much.

8X digital photo in night mode
8X digital photo in night mode
Foto a 65X digital
Photo a 65X digital
Foto a 25X digital
Photo a 25X digital

The front camera is a tremendous success. Not only do we have a solid selfie system for video calls or portraits, but we also have a monstrous viewing angle of up to 100 degrees. First time in my life that I saw my feet in a selfie.

Selfie with the front wide angle lens
Selfie with the front wide angle lens
Selfie with the front wide angle lens
Selfie with the front wide angle lens
Selfie with the front lens and backlight.  Here he had problems to define the entrance of light well
Selfie with the front lens with light in the background

Truth be told, an average user will greatly enjoy these elements. Its computational process has its debts, like the possibility of combining portrait mode and night mode – like Samsung – or picking the right skin tone – like Google’s Pixel – but it’s a solid step in the right direction.

Honor Magic 4 Pro: smooth and consistent performance

This is how the team performed on Geekbench

Nothing to object. With the inclusion of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a UFS 3.1 drive for storage, Honor leaves a stick of butter. Surely the 12 GB version breathes a little better for the passage of apps, although I hope that this can be optimized with Magic UI updates.

This was our speed test on 5G and WiFi
5G internet and WIFI speed test

For connectivity, our tests reached 400 mbps on 5G and stayed under the contracted 300 mbps plan at home throughout the entire usage experience. No Bluetooth peripherals lost stability at this time of review.

The passage of apps is very fast, although 12GB is missed sometimes

Multimedia is a pleasure in this team, and we are facing a pair of speakers that, without partners signing anything, sound VERY GOOD. This, added to the huge layer of plugins that optimize the image on the panel, allow us to be faced with one of the best entertainment devices.

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The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works really well and is located at a comfortable height, but the facial unlocking of the device is faster for me. Beware that we have, in addition to the selfie lens, a ToF to add an extra layer of protection to our unlocking.

Honor Magic 4 Pro: fast charging for fast consumption

So we go to 100W with the cable that comes in the box
100W cable charger that comes with the box

Yes, with all these components we have a “very hungry muse”. On average, I have been close to 5 hours of screen time, but almost crawling to the charger. It has not been the most powerful autonomy, due to its 4600 mAh capacity.

This is responsible for fast charging

The good thing is that we have the ability to restore power in just over 20 minutes with the 100W charger that comes in the box. Be careful, the device can also charge at 100W wirelessly, but it requires a specific Honor charger and a 135W power outlet to compensate for the 100W system charge. It is not possible to do it with any Qi charger.

Honor Magic 4 Pro: Is it worth it?

Hard not to recommend, but there are some observations

Honor has managed to define a continuous style of what could have been, surely, a Huawei Mate 50 Pro with Google services. Solid, elegant, efficient and solvent, with a 100X camera system that, although they are not usable up to that margin, are good marketing.

The design is very careful

However, it is a team that, due to credentials, does not compete in the “Ultra” segment of Samsung’s S22 or Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max; those that, for price and performance, are one step above this Honor. The Magic 4 Pro stands up to the Xiaomi 12 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus without breaking a sweat, but the absence of a 60fps recording system with the wide-angle lens and more mature software make me reevaluate things.

It is offered locally from the Honor Peru website

If you put all three on one table, I would go for the S22 Plus first and then the Honor Magic 4 Pro. Go for it.



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