Despite sanctions and a sharp drop in market share, the Chinese manufacturer Hzawei does not want to simply give up. The Mate 50 series could actually be coming up in September. In addition to the standard version, a Mate 50 Pro can also be expected.

Huawei Mate 50 (Pro): Presentation within reach?

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According to reports from China, Huawei could be its after two years Mate series revive. The Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro are said to be in the starting blocks and will be presented on September 12 (source: Huawei Central). The message is likely to surprise fans of the manufacturer, since the smartphones could hardly be expected after a long period of radio silence. Details of the equipment are not yet known.

Shortly before the release of the predecessor, the USA had initiated extensive sanctions against Huawei. Since then, US companies have not been allowed to do business with Huawei. At the Huawei Mate 40 (Pro) the sanctions ensured, among other things, that Google apps and services had to be dispensed with.

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The manufacturer continues to face major challenges with the Huawei Mate 50 (Pro). A 5G variant is not to be expected, which immediately makes cell phones significantly less attractive. It is also currently unclear in which markets Huawei will offer the smartphones. We will probably not find out until mid-September, if the cell phones are actually presented.

Huawei: Focus on e-cars instead of cell phones

The sanctions are forcing Huawei to seek new business opportunities. The group now sees itself on the way to becoming an e-car manufacturer. One strives for one “extensive presence” in the automotive industry as Huawei boss Yu Chengdong explained in an interview in April. Huawei has not yet presented its own electric cars, but has only had its HarmonyOS software used in cars from other manufacturers.