Huawei is fighting for survival: With dramatic words, company founder Ren Zhengfei has now sworn the employees to hard times. In the future, they should only pursue one goal.

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It has been three years since former US President Donald Trump imposed sweeping sanctions on Huawei. As a result, Huawei, until then on its way to becoming the world leader, experienced an unprecedented crash. An internal memo by Ren Zhengfei now shows how dramatic the situation among the Chinese really is.

Dramatic words from the Huawei founder to the employees

With a view to a global recession, the Huawei founder has sworn his employees to tough times. Instead of paying attention to sales figures, they should concentrate primarily on profits in the future. This is the only way Huawei can survive. According to Zhengfei, the be decisive for this in the next two years (Source: SCMP).

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“No more ramblings. We have to face reality,” Zhengfei warns. “First of all, we have to survive and if we survive, we will also have a future.”

Also the Withdrawal from areas that are not part of Huawei’s core business, according to the 77-year-old, is up for debate. Huawei did not want to make an official statement on the Zhengfei letter to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Huawei is fighting for the network business

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Huawei’s company founder had recently contacted the workforce. In a statement in early July, Ren Zhengfei asked employees for new ideas. No longer just a handful of people should decide on the Huawei course. Instead, the “tens of thousands of experts” in the group should also get involved and put forward their own ideas.

In addition to the problems in the smartphone market, Huawei has recently been fighting for its own network business. In Germany, a component ban was recently even discussed.