The Chinese manufacturer Huawei continues to struggle with difficulties. Now CEO Ren Zhengfei has turned to his employees with an unusual request. It’s about the future of the company, which is to be determined by “tens of thousands of experts”.

huawei asks employees for help

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Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer are selling worse and worse, and the market share is shrinking. Due to ongoing US sanctions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Huawei to manufacture competitive products. After the company previously announced open up new business areas founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has now sent a message to Huawei employees (source: SCMP).

According to Zhengfei, no longer just a handful of people should decide on Huawei’s future course. Instead, employees are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. He’s counting on one Input from “tens of thousands of experts”, which should “speak freely” without restriction. This calls for more than just ideas, as can be seen from the communication. Ideally, proposals should have “entrepreneurial value” that will bring Huawei forward. According to Zhengfei, whether in the short or long term does not currently play a major role.

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The difficulties Huawei has to deal with can be seen using the Nova 10 mobile phone as an example fasten. Although the smartphone came onto the market in China a few days ago at an attractive price, its success is likely to be limited. Customers have to do without 5G, which is not the case with cell phones from other manufacturers.

We recently looked at the MatePad Paper from Huawei:

E-cars as Huawei’s last hope

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In the home market, the market share of Huawei smartphones has more than halved in one year – to the delight of the former subsidiary Honor. Huawei is now increasingly making an impact other business areas, like software for electric cars. The Aito M7, which uses Huawei’s HarmonyOS, was recently presented here together with the partner Seres.