“Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an action-adventure game from Ubisoft. You can find out if you can play the game on Steam here.

In “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” you take on the role of Fenyx. She is a demigod and is entrusted with the task of saving the other Greek gods. This and their homeland were in fact covered with a mystical curse. You can travel as Fenyx in a completely open world and have to take on dark creatures. We’ll tell you if you can play “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” on Steam.

Having problems with the vault in Immortals: Fenyx Rising? In the video you will find a walkthrough:

Immortals: Fenyx Rising not on Steam

If you get your computer games exclusively via Steam, you will unfortunately not be able to play “Immortals: Fenyx Rising”. The Ubisoft title is exclusive to the computer via its own service Uplay and the Epic Games Store expelled. Since 2018, Ubisoft has removed many of its titles from the Steam Store and put the focus more on the Epic Games Store. This may be due to the fact that the fees here are significantly lower than on Steam. So you can’t avoid creating an account with Uplay or Epic Games if you want to play “Immortals: Fenyx Rising”. At least that’s how it is on the computer.

In our photo gallery you will find the locations of all chests in “Immortals Fenyx Rising”:

Immortals Fenyx Rising: All Chests - locations for each area
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Immortals Fenyx Rising: All Chests – locations for each area

Immortals: Fenyx Rising on other platforms

In addition to the computer, “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” is still available for almost all other platforms. You can play the action-adventure title on Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X and Stadia. In addition, Ubisoft allows a free demo to be played on all available platforms.

We have even compiled all the locations for the 24 relics in the Olmyp for the DLC “A New God” for you.

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