Xiaomi is constantly bringing new smartphones onto the market. But what would happen if these smartphones stopped selling? Exactly this horror scenario should take place right now. But not only Xiaomi and samsung should be affected.

Xiaomi has problems with smartphone sales

We recently reported that Samsung is said to be sitting on over 50 million unsold smartphones. The current situation in the world with the corona virus, the chip crisis, rising prices and high inflation are making people think twice and three times whether they should buy a luxury good like a smartphone or rather their old device continued to use for a while. But not only Samsung is affected. Xiaomi is said to be much more difficult to get rid of its smartphones (Source: DigiTimes).

So should Xiaomi sit on around 30 million unsold smartphones (Source: WinFuture). The Chinese company is a significantly smaller smartphone manufacturer in the world, where the proportion of unsold devices is correspondingly higher than at Samsung. Correspondingly greater is the concern that the cell phones should still be sold somehow. After all, it feels like the company is adding new cell phones every day and production continues. If people don’t start buying smartphones, it can become a problem.

But not only Samsung and Xiaomi are affected. The whole market is said to have problems with smartphone sales. For example, DigiTimes also mentions smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo and Honor. Millions of smartphones are said to have not been sold by dealers there. As a result, the ordering of components for the construction of mobile phones is said to have been noticeably reduced. Companies hope that sales will pick up again in the second half of the year.

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This inevitably makes smartphones cheaper

For you as a customer, this is not bad news at all. Because if the manufacturers are sitting on millions of smartphones and they are not sold, the prices will fall and there will be great offers. So the paragraph should be a little better again. At some point a price is always reached where someone strikes. The only question will be how low the price has to go.