More and more people are assuming that there could be a blackout in Germany because of the energy crisis. You should actually prepare yourself to a certain extent for this, the government also advises. An emergency cell phone with special functions would certainly also be useful. The Ulefone Armor 16 Pro is just such a cell phone.

Ulefone Armor 16 Pro with 9,600 mAh battery

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Many smartphone manufacturers install batteries with a capacity of around 5,000 mAh. You can usually get by with that for two days, with intensive use rather less. The Ulefone Armor 16 Pro does a lot more. Of the huge 9,600 mAh battery should ensure that you reach up to 22 days in stand-by. Alternatively, you can listen to music for 5 days or watch videos for 13 days. That should be possible with the “Blackout cell phone”. But that is not the only special feature.

The Ulefone Armor 16 Pro is also equipped with a equipped with a very robust housing according to military standards and has an integrated flashlight that can be activated with its own switch. So you don’t have to access the small LED on the camera in the dark, you have significantly more light available. The smartphone also has an extremely loud speaker at 122 dB. For comparison: an alarm siren creates 108 dB.

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Otherwise, it’s a regular phone with a 5.93-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, a 16MP camera and Android 12 as the operating system. Only in particularly heavy and robust.

Ulefone Armor 16 Pro costs around $200

According to the official website of Ulefone is said to cost the Armor 16 Pro under $200 (look at Ulefone). The smartphones are actually also sold in Germany. With us, a predecessor costs around 260 euros (look at Amazon). It even comes with a 10,000mAh battery. A power bank is almost superfluous and you have a very robust smartphone at your disposal. Of course, a solar charger is a perfect match for this (check it out at Amazon). So you basically never need a socket again with the long running time.