In mid-September, Apple released iOS 16, the next operating system version for the iPhone. As with any major system update, iOS updates can also cause problems. What bugs are currently known for iOS 16?

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The launch of iOS 16 was relatively smooth. So there are no large-scale disruptions that affect many users at the same time. Nevertheless, one or the other error has crept into the new version of the Apple operating system.

iPhone 14 won’t activate?

A serious problem worries buyers of the new iPhone 14. Accordingly, there is a bug in iOS 16, after which Do not activate the latest iPhone within a WLAN leaves. Apple is already aware of the issue. There is currently a workaround for the new iPhone 14 and its sister models Plus, Pro and Pro Max. If you have a new iPhone 14 and cannot activate it, proceed as follows:

  1. Runs the facility not directly over the WiFi through, but closes iPhone to PC or Mac on.
  2. Then activate the iOS device using iTunes.
  3. Returns to the home screen on the iPhone after connecting to the computer and then performs the setup again via the WLAN.
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Alternatively, you can try to activate via LTE/5G.

iOS 16: battery drain quickly, iPhone slow & more

There are also some minor bugs, but they don’t affect usability:

  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with iOS 16 in the photo app. Images are displayed incorrectly when viewed in landscape mode and zoomed in on. The problem will be fixed with a new iOS 16 update that is already available.
  • In the new iOS version, Apple has also introduced an “always on” function for the display of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, this works differently than you are used to from Android devices. As such, the screen here isn’t completely dimmed to display the time and other “AoD” information. Instead, the display screen remains visible in the background. This is not a bug, but the way Apple intended it to work.
  • In iOS 16, Apple adds a photo widget that you can fill with your own pictures. However, the widget cannot be set up immediately after the update because the iPhone first has to analyze all available images. So direct the widget to a later point in time enter if it still doesn’t work.
  • Immediately after the update, iOS still has to arrange and sort things in the background. It may therefore be that the iPhone shortly after the update running slowly and, for example, keystrokes are registered late. The problem should correct itself after a short time.
  • The increased background activity immediately after the update also leads to that the battery discharges very quickly shortly after installing iOS 16. However, the shorter battery life should also regulate itself as soon as iOS 16 is fully set up.
  • Some iPhone 14 users complain that AirDrop is not working for them. It is currently sometimes not possible to send files from an iPhone 14 to a contact. Instead, the “Wait” display remains permanently in the image. So far, no other iPhones are known to have the problem. The problem should be fixed with an upcoming update.
  • With iOS 16, the percentage display for the battery should actually return to the display. The function is there but not on all iPhones. So you can not turn on the percentage display on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. This isn’t a bug, it’s intended by Apple.
  • Apple has revised the weather app for iOS 16. The data now comes from the provider “Dark Sky”. According to some reports fit the temperature data for Germany not in the prediction. In addition, some unnecessary weather warnings will be triggered.
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Some new features introduced in iOS 16:

  • Haptic keyboard with vibration
  • Translate text with camera and convert units
  • Manage medication schedules

Camera bug on the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro should actually be able to use an improved 48 MP camera. However, this is prevented for some users. Instead, the camera starts vibrating heavily with some apps like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram. The camera also plays a loud, razor-like sound. The background is probably an issue with the optical image stabilization, which is not yet able to work with third-party apps. A repair of the iPhone is not necessary. Instead, the camera problem with the iPhone 14 Pro should be fixed with the update to iOS 16.0.2 (source:

More Bugs & Issues in iOS 16

Some users is also the new handling of the Notifications on the lock screen not clear. New notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen and must be swiped up. It is not possible to change the setting and restore the old view. Only the display can be adjusted in the notification options. You can display the new messages simply as a number, stacked or as a list.

Shortly after updating to iOS 16, there are also some issues with non-Apple apps. So there are some applications which are not working yet. An overview of the app compatibility of iOS 16 can be found here. With these apps you have to wait until the respective developers submit an update.

There are also display and function problems in some apps. For example, if you want to copy content to the clipboard, you will be asked whether you can “allow deployment” want. However, the query does not only appear once, but every time you copy something.

Did the iOS 16 update go smoothly for you or are you struggling with problems on your iPhone?