Apple has not yet confirmed or announced another event for October 2022, but industry experts agree: there is still something to come. New iPads are considered a given, but what else is there? We reveal that in our little forecast.

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In early September, Apple presented the new iPhone 14 (Plus), iPhone 14 Pro (Max), Apple Watch SE, 8, Ultra and new AirPods Pro. Ergo: We are unlikely to see any more innovations in these product areas this year, Apple’s powder is shot. But there are plenty of other products that deserve an update and that Apple will take into account accordingly.

Apple Event October 2022: New iPads, Macs and more?

The iPhone manufacturer will most likely show us in the course of October. A matching Apple event is expected for the tenth month of the year. If we should give you a tip: You should make a note of calendar weeks 42 and 43, i.e. the period from mid to late October. But then what is there to see?

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New iPads are considered agreed. Both new versions of the iPad Pro and a rumored 10th generation iPad will probably be the focus of the keynote. The following features are currently rumored:

  • iPad Pro 2022: Apple’s new M2 chip, wireless charging option via MagSafe and finally, arguably, camera improvements. On the other hand, not much should change with the displays, Mini-LED’s are still only available in the large 12.9-inch model of the iPad Pro 2022.
  • iPad 10th Gen: Modified design, USB-C, 10.5 or 10.9 inch display, A14 chip. There are still uncertainties about the home button, it is quite possible that this will be deleted and the tablet will approach the iPad Air in terms of shape.

Aside from the iPads, the Macs will be in the spotlight of the event. Basically, updates are expected for the Mac mini, Mac Pro and for the MacBook Pro. But we will probably not see the new Mac Pro. The chances are good for a new mini-computer and the notebooks:

  • Mac mini: Not much is known, but Apple would probably install at least the new M2 chip.
  • MacBook Pro: The changes under the hood are also considered agreed here. Adapted versions of the M2 are expected for the two 14- and 16-inch models, specifically the presentation of an M2 Pro and M2 Max. With a little luck we will see them this fall, otherwise in spring 2023.
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In connection with the presentation of new iPads and Macs, the Announcing the release dates for iPad OS 16.1 and macOS Ventura as almost 100% certain. Apple is behind schedule with the iPad system and is skipping the iPadOS 16.0 version.

Hopeful for the event

Let’s get to the shaky candidates. There is always speculation about the so-called mixed reality headset from Apple. Such a device could be demonstrated as early as autumn, and it would then be available for purchase next year. We’re rather skeptical about that. Apple wouldn’t even present a product of such scope in passing, the manufacturer would prepare its own event for it. Ergo: Better not count on it.

Furthermore, we would not expect a new iMac or a Mac Studio. With the iMac, Apple deliberately takes its time and the Mac Studio is simply too fresh, nothing has changed yet.

In summary: New iPads, Macs and the associated systems. You can hope for a little more, but don’t count on it.