In the summer, Apple inspired the presentation of iPadOS 16 with the new “Stage Manger”. However, the new multitasking that will soon be available on the Mac with macOS Ventura is only suitable for a small selection of iPads. Now Apple is improving – but there are conditions.

iPad Pro 2018 and 2020: Apple’s Stage Manager comes to older models

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So far, the situation has been clear and unfortunately very sobering and disappointing for many iPad customers. The new Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 requires an iPad with an M1 chip. As of today, only two Apple tablets meet this high requirement – the current iPad Pro from 2021 and the 5th generation iPad Air presented this year. So far, Apple explained this limitation with the enormous performance requirements.

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But now Apple is making improvements and bringing the Stage Manager to older iPad Pro models as well. The manufacturer explains this to colleagues from Engadget. The new support is already integrated in the latest beta version of iPadOS 16.1 and should be available to customers later in the year with the release of the final version. Then all 2020 and 2018 iPad Pro models with Apple’s A12Z and A12X chips will get Stage Manager support. These are all generations of the iPad Pro with an 11-inch display and those with a 12.9-inch display from the third generation.

Stage Manager will be limited on older iPads

However, the support is not full. To ensure that the Stage Manager still runs reasonably smoothly on the older hardware, Apple is canceling the expansion of the new multitasking to external monitors. In other words, older iPads will only get the Stage Manager as a single-screen version. This limits the Stage Manager to the touchscreen on the device with support for up to four apps at a time. So there is a small catch, but owners of the older iPad Pro models should certainly be happy to make friends with it.

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Apple is currently working flat out on iPadOS 16.1, as iPadOS 16 will never be released. Because the new iPad operating system is delayed and is expected to appear in the course of October and in the course of the announcement of new iPad hardware. The new Stage Manager will then probably not only work on the iPad Pro from 2018 and the 5th generation iPad Air, but also on the upcoming iPad Pro 2022.