Word should have got around by now. Only the upcoming Pro models of the iPhone 14 will actually get a new chip, the standard versions have to be content with last year’s processor. Just a one-time exception? No way, Apple’s strict separation will probably also apply in the future.

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The well-informed sources have long since confirmed that the new Apple A16 chip is reserved solely for the two Pro models of the iPhone 14. In the standard models, on the other hand, Apple wants to install the already known A15, possibly with a slightly different name in order to conceal the obvious savings measure. But it is not just an exception. Well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo is now taking away any hope of a reversal next year. The strict separation is part of the strategy and will continue to exist in the future (Source: Ming Chi Kuo).

iPhone 14 as a blueprint: Only Pro models with the best chip in the future

All in all, this means: Only the expensive Pro models will get the latest chip every year. The standard versions, on the other hand, are downgraded to mid-range models and only get the top chip from the previous year. Kuo writes (translated):

“In the future, the latest processor chip will only be found in the high-end iPhone models, so a high proportion of high-end iPhone models will be the norm, which favors the suppliers of high-end camera components. “

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The expert therefore assumes that the distribution of quantities will shift. While he previously assumed that the iPhone 14 Pro series would account for 40 to 50 percent, he now postulates an allocation of as much as 60 percent. Ergo: A win-win situation for Apple. After all, the margin increases on the one hand due to the increased sales of the Pro variants and on the other hand due to the cost reduction for the normal versions of the iPhone 14 – a clever strategy. Accordingly, only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max should receive the rumored A17 chip for next year. The regular iPhone 15 and the larger Max version then work with the A16 expected this year.

Apple’s strategy for the iPad has been known for a long time

Ultimately, Apple is adapting the procedure known from the iPad. Only the Pro models have had the best and most up-to-date chip there for a long time. The rest have to put up with older or less powerful versions. Apple is now also transferring the method to the iPhone and is thus deliberately ensuring a stricter separation and differentiation of its own cell phone series in the future.