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JBL PartyBox 710 Review : A Brilliant Light Show And 800 Watts Of Power | Tech Reviews

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JBL PartyBox 710 Review : A Brilliant Light Show And 800 Watts Of Power | Tech Reviews



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You can either love or fear party boxes. For fans of the glowing beat wonders, we’re testing JBL’s new 710, which brings a brilliant light show and 800 watts of power.

Pros & Cons

  • Very high maximum volume
  • Great light effects
  • Good bass
  • Easy transport thanks to wheels
  • Splashproof
  • No battery

JBL has already made a name for itself among the party box manufacturers. From small to large, from a shoulder strap to a carrying handle with wheels, the Americans have the right solution for every application and budget. The test model 710 joins the professional class, forms the link between JBL’s mid-range box 310 and the flagship 1000 and of course has a few cool new features on board. Let’s start with our practical test.

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Ideally, you should get help to unpack, since the box with a total weight of over 27 kilograms is not necessarily designed for long transports. Once the 710 is unpacked, it’s a lot easier. For uncomplicated transport, two rubber wheels including a handle have been thought of here. This is practical and works without any problems.

Feel and Processing

Even at first glance, the party box makes a stable and valuable impression, even if the material used is mainly plastic.

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As usual from JBL, the speaker comes completely in black – with the exception of a few orange elements. Rubber feet attached to the side allow it to stand not only vertically but also horizontally, for example on a table or chest of drawers. Unfortunately, the 710 does not come with a battery . The socket or the extension cord are therefore a basic requirement.

Practical: The box is splash-proof according to the IPX4 standard . That should also explain the many advertising images around a pool. So the 710 doesn’t mind a bit of water.

All important connections on the back are protected with a rubber flap. We are talking about Aux-in, a USB socket for charging and for playing music directly, two connections for microphones or an electric guitar and of course daisy chain for wired coupling of several speakers. Alternatively, this also works wirelessly via True Wireless Stereo.

JBL_Partybox 710
Two 70 mm tweeters and two 216 mm woofers are responsible for the extraordinary sound performance.


The most important controls appear on the top : power, Bluetooth, bass boost, two rotary controls for lights and volume, three buttons for different sound effects and setting options for connected microphones. In addition, as with the previous models, a corresponding holder for a tablet or cell phone was thought of.

This makes sense for anyone who wants to use the associated “PartyBox” app to create individual light shows and incorporate cool sound effects . But even without an individual creation, the play of lights will amaze you right from the start. The box lights up in a wide variety of colors to match the beat, which sets the scene for the two 21-centimetre drivers in a grandiose way. You can choose between numerous other lighting options.

New on board are LED rails on the right and left edge of the box, which look really good, especially in combination with the many small strobe lights, which, unlike in the past, are now distributed over the entire front of the box and shine in white or RGB . You should definitely try the so-called starry sky effect . If all this is too much for you, you can switch off individual effects or even deactivate the lighting completely.

DJs pursue their passion on the upper side. Light and sound effects are controlled here. Connections are also available for a microphone or guitar. Two boxes can be connected via True Wireless Stereo or by cable.


Bluetooth on and the spectacle can begin. The box is connected to the smartphone within a few seconds. Whether crisp beats or deep bass, whether house, techno or hip-hop, the 710 heats up the party people properly. If you want to “feel” more, you can activate Bass Boost, which we advise against for more audiophile listeners.

The sound is hardly lost even outdoors . To support large terraces, a second box can be called in – either the same model for stereo coupling or another from the JBL party box series for parallel playback.

Quiet, classical music evenings aren’t really her thing, but that doesn’t mean that the 710 can’t score with cleanliness and precision. Setting hi-fi standards would be inappropriate here.


The booth is shaking! There is no better way to sum up the performance of the 710. JBL puts it a step further compared to its predecessor. With its spectacular light show and remarkable sound performance , the Partybox 710 is probably the favorite guest at the next party. It is best to invite the neighbors directly.

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