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Lenovo Smart Display Lifehacks: “Ok Google, organize my mess” | Tech Reviews

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Lenovo Smart display Lifehacks: “Ok Google, organize my mess” | Tech reviews


The Google Assistant can be used as an ingenious everyday help. Using the Lenovo Smart Display, we will show you a few functions that make life easier.

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Voice Assistants – The idea of ​​talking to a computer was established early on by Star Trek and Knight Rider. As in the science fiction series, you don’t really need the help of a smart software personality, but you can use it sensibly and functionally.

We put a Lenovo Smart Display in the kitchen and put together a few tricks for you.

#1 “Hey Google, where’s my phone?”

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Hard to believe, but you can accidentally hide your smartphone in your own four walls in such a way that the search can quickly escalate into an Indiana Jones adventure. If this happens while you’re half asleep on a morning that’s already too early when there are important appointments, it’s super stressful. And then you might have switched your cell phone to silent.

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The Google Assistant, as it lives on the Lenovo Smart Display, provides a remedy: With the command “Hey Google, where is my smartphone?” You can easily have yourself called.

The smartphone must be linked to your Google account. If you have several phones in the account, Google will query them one after the other. All you have to do then is confirm the model and follow the ringing on the toilet, under the couch cushions or the bed covers. The whole thing also works with iPhones or iPads, but you must have stored your phone number in the Google account and the iOS devices must not be set to silent.

#2 WG announcement “Answer the phone?”

You want to do something nice for your roommates and bring a doner kebab/beer/quinoa salad – or your choice of pizza/wine/beetroot carpaccio – but as always, they don’t hear their phone because they’re playing Zelda too loud. Use the power of your smart display and make an announcement in the Google Home app when you’re out and about: “Call me, what should I bring?”

#3 Google Photos as a wired reminder

Sometimes you have to take something apart and put it back together accurately and in the process you come up against a complex wiring harness. You might want to  sleeve the cables on the power supply. Or even simpler, you have to get an extension or replacement for a cable at home.

For our following hack you have to log in to Google Photos. The cloud storage service for your pictures offers you 15 GB free of charge and doesn’t cost the earth even with larger packages, for 20 euros (21.5 USD) per year you get 100 GB.

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You simply take a photo of the cable connections before your tearing action and ask Google afterwards: “Show me my pictures of cables”. Aha, red to blue, green to yellow, black and white to ochre… who actually came up with such a complicated idea?

#4 Homework

Did the teacher just give you a much too strenuous task? How should you write 2019 as a Roman numeral? Is Mainz in Hesse or North Rhine-Westphalia? If you are faced with unsolvable tasks again, disguise the whole thing as a test for Google. “Hey Google, in which country is Mainz located?” Rhineland-Palatinate, that’s what I said.

#5 Memories as a coach

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The easiest way to get better is through habits that start small. 15 minutes of dental floss every day – who is supposed to keep up with that? However, if you ask Google to remind you of a 2-minute session every other day, the overcoming is less. “Remind me to brush my teeth every other day at 10pm” might give you the motivation you need. It is then best to set a timer for the time that you can easily manage: “Ok Google, timer to 2 minutes”.

The assistant will also be happy to encourage you to do sports or wellness. Let yourself be reminded of a round of jogging, sit-ups or relaxation exercises.

Now it’s time for your life hacks, write us in the comments how smart you use your language assistants in everyday life. for more of these quirky tech reviews, check out the Accessories section under the main heading Tech.

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