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Logitech x Tencent: G Cloud Gaming Handheld in October

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Now the cat is out of the bag: Logitech and Tencent have presented their joint cloud gaming handheld. The project, called “Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld,” is scheduled to start this October.

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In short: the handheld can be pre-ordered now. But currently only in the US and Canada for a pre-order price of 299 US dollars (equivalent to the price of a Nintendo Switch).

It is unclear when European countries such as Germany can pre-order. The official market launch is said to be October 17th for a price of $349.99.

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But now to the actual device: The game console is – unsurprisingly – based on Android with its own interface and can access the Google Play Store. So you can play all known mobile games. However, the focus is on game streaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

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It is a little surprising, however, that the Xbox streaming service is preinstalled as a PWA (Progressive Web App). So it’s a slightly upgraded website and not the “right” app.

In addition to your own gaming interface, there is also the option of using the classic Android view. This means that the handheld can be used almost like a normal smartphone.

Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (2x Cortex-A76, 6x Cortex-A55), 4 GB LPDDR4X RAM, 64 GB internal memory and there is a microSD card slot. However, there is no SIM slot, so you are dependent on a WLAN connection. The internal battery is said to be 6,000 mAh.

Charging is via the USB-C port and the typical battery life is said to be 12 hours. Oh yes: In addition to the USB-C port, there is also a 3.5mm jack connection!

The Full HD display uses IPS technology, measures a full 7 inches and offers a 16:9 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, the refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz. It is controlled via two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons and four normal buttons (Y, B, A and X).

There are also several menu and quick buttons. Games are paused with the “Logitech-G” button, the home button takes you to the start screen. The handheld also has a gyroscope (for certain applications) and a vibration motor for haptic feedback.

With a weight of 463 grams, the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld is right between a Steam Deck (669 grams) and a Nintendo Switch (322 grams).

What do you think of Logitech’s G Cloud Gaming Handheld? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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