lost ark has had to accept a severe slump in its player numbers – after a massive wave of bans, Amazon’s MMORPG temporarily had 300,000 fewer players. The community is positively impressed by the strict measure.

The MMORPG Lost Ark has last week around 300,000 players lost on Steam. The massive player exodus was initiated by the latest update, which implemented a strict ban wave. In the still active community, the measures cause jubilation, because a considerable number of cheaters have been stopped at least temporarily.

Lost Ark: Amazon takes action against cheaters

Lost Ark has had a bigger problem with bots for a while now, as well discussed several times in the official blog became. (Source: LostArk)

In order to bring the situation under control, at least to some extent Publisher Amazon obviously got serious in the last week: A wave of bans was announced on Twitter and as a result the player count plummeted from around 550,000 players to 200,000 players on Steam. (Source: VG24 / SteamDB)

Of course, it’s not entirely clear how many of those 300,000 or so “disappeared” players were bots or cheat accounts, but the timing certainly suggests that numerous cheaters affected by the measure became.

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MMORPG: Community is happy about ban wave

The massive player losses caused cheers in the Lost Ark community. On Reddit, many fans are happy about that no more bots hanging around the servers and thus the login for the MMORPG is much faster than before. (Source: Reddit)

It remains to be seen whether the wave of bans will also have a long-term effect. There were both perma bans and 3 day bans pronounced. In many cases, affected accounts could access the game again.

Check out the Lost Ark launch trailer below: