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Mobile phone protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in the test

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mobile phone protective cases for the Samsung galaxy S22 series in the test

The protective cover with the transparent back is very durable.
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Although Panzerglass started with screen protectors in 2013, they have also been producing protective cases for all current top smartphones for a long time. We grabbed the new cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series for a test. Panzerglass also has special display foils in its range that are not only antibacterial, but also do not cause any problems when unlocking with the fingerprint sensor.

These are Samsung-certified products (as part of the “Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership” (SMAPP) program). This means that the quality and fit have been confirmed by special tests by Samsung.

Armored glass hard case for the Galaxy S22 series from 20 euros

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Our favorite is the Hard Case (above) with a transparent back that is exceptionally scratch-resistant and also resistant to yellowing. While the back has a hard surface, the frame is made of soft plastic, which is also transparent but tinted darker and thus contrasts in color.

The opening for the stylus (S22 Ultra), speaker and USB-C socket are a perfect fit, as are the strip-shaped bulges for the volume rocker and power button. We also liked the fact that the back is absolutely flat and doesn’t wobble, despite the raised edges around the camera (which also protect the lenses).

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The case looks good, sits very firmly on all three Galaxy S22 models and feels valuable. It can be pulled off again without great effort. The fact that it is antibacterial according to the ISO standard and is also certified according to the military standard MIL-810H should not go unmentioned at this point. We have a clear recommendation.

Panzerglass bioplastic protective case
The protective cover made of bio-plastic is 100 percent compostable.
© manufacturer

Panzerglass bioplastic case for 20 euros

The protective cover of the bioplastic case consists of black-colored bio-based plastic, which is 100 percent compostable and certified according to EN 13432. The soft material is slightly roughened and therefore very non-slip, the touch quality is high.

We still can’t recommend it, firstly because the plastic is so soft that a scratch is visible even if you press down hard with your fingernail; on the other hand, because the S22 Ultra sits a little too loosely in the case for our taste.

Panzerglass screen protector glass for 30 euros

The hardened glass is extremely scratch-resistant and protects the display without impairing readability and functionality (including the S Pen on the S22 Ultra). It is also grease-repellent, so not every fingerprint remains visible on the glass.

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The sales set contains all the utensils and step-by-step instructions for the precise and dust-free application of the protective glass. After attaching, it is important to increase the touch sensitivity in the display settings and re-register the fingerprint, otherwise the recognition rate will not be high.

Panzerglass protective glass for the S22 series
Tempered glass protective glass for the Galaxy S22+.
© manufacturer

The only point of criticism only applies to the S22 Ultra: Here, the thin plastic layer, which prevents the display protection glass from shattering if the glass breaks, has a circular cut-out for the fingerprint sensor – and this cut-out is easy to see on the display against a light background. We still have a recommendation for the series.


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