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‘More and more Samsung users have this simple password’

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Properly securing your smartphone is very important and passwords such as ‘password’ and ‘12345’ are not very wise. Yet users of Samsung smartphones seem to choose a very simple password more often.

‘Samsung’ increasingly common password on Samsung’s

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Research shows that many Samsung users secure their smartphone with a very ‘simple’ password, namely the name of the brand. From the results of NordPass – a company that specializes in passwords and security – it turns out that ‘samsung’ without a capital letter is one of the most commonly used passwords in at least 30 countries.

It is striking that this simple password is also being used more and more. Where ‘samsung’ ranked 198th in 2019 and 189th in 2020, it was the 77th most used password on Samsung phones in 2021. It is not known why this is increasing. We do know that the emphasis on digital security has increased sharply in recent years. Consider, for example, the growing range of password managers such as 1Password, LastPass and Bitwarden.

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Your password is cracked

It is extremely important that you always use a long, hard-to-crack password – also on your smartphone. Simple words with, for example, seven letters are guessed in no time. Predictable passwords are cracked in less than one second Sammobile.

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If you alternate between capital letters, small treats and signs, it takes about seven seconds for a seven-letter word. An eight-letter word again offers a lot of extra security. This takes an average of seven minutes for hackers to decipher.

It is therefore important that you use a good password manager and an app that generates codes, so that you add an extra layer of security to your accounts. This is called two-step verification or 2FA. We have prepared a number of lists for you. Check out our favorite password managers and the best 2FA apps here.

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