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Netflix goes to the limit with free games for subscribers and announces the creation of its own studio

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Netflix has been concentrating part of its efforts on creating added value for the products on its platform for some time. Its original series and movies are complemented by merchandising that anyone can buy, but also specific products are created for subscribers. Video games accessible to anyone who pays their monthly fee, without having to pay an extra euro.

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In recent months we have seen different examples arrive to complement franchises such as ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Lady’s Gambit’, but Netflix has decided to go one step further. The company has officially announced creating his first game development studio from scratch. The fourth in total if we count the previous acquisitions.

Own games in a studio set up from scratch

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As we have said, Netflix It already has several development studios that it has been buying in the last times. We have on the one hand ‘Night School Studio’, responsible for games like ‘Mr. Robot’ or ‘Afterparty’, and ‘Boss Fight Entertainment’ with titles like ‘Dungeon Boss’. In ‘Next Games Studio’ they have created games like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Walking Dead: Our World’ and ‘The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land’.

Now Netflix is ​​launching its fourth study but this time it is something special. We are not talking about buying an existing studio but about creating a video game studio from scratch. The studio will be based in Helsinki and at the helm is placed Marko Lastikka a former member of Zynga who has also developed part of his resume in companies such as Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate.

We must remember that Netflix promised that it would have at least 30 games in circulation by the end of this year 2022. Exclusive games for subscribers, without paying a single extra euro and that they would have a ‘login’ to give us access, that of our user and our password from Netflix. for now It seems that they are going at a good pace to reach that figure but the new study might not arrive in time. Whenever we are at the gates of October, of course.

“It’s still early days and we have a lot more work to do to deliver a great gaming experience on Netflix. Building a game can take years, so I’m proud to see how we’re steadily building the foundation of our game studios in our first year, and I look forward to sharing what we produce for years to come.”

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