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Netflix will be cheaper in exchange for watching advertising: this is how it will work and this will be the price of the new basic plan with ads

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We had been reading for many months about a new Netflix plan with advertising, cheaper than the company’s current most basic plan, and that it would arrive sometime in 2022. The company itself came to deny some data that was spilled about it , but it has finally been made official at an event organized by the company for the press. Advertising has come to Netflix to stay… if you want to pay less each month.

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Netflix has announced the arrival of its new basic plan, although its basic plan does not disappear. Its new basic basic plan is called ‘Basic with ads’ and offers a very competitive price, everything is said. Netflix’s new ad-supported plan it will cost 5.49 euros per month and will arrive in Spain on November 10 at 5:00 p.m. A strange way to arrive (with schedule) but completely official.

You pay almost half but see ads

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As we have said, Netflix has made what was an open secret official for quite some time. The company lowers the entry barrier to its subscription plans with a new monthly price that incorporates advertising into its movies, series, documentaries and other content. If we want now we will be able to pay even less than what your basic plan costs (which remains unchanged) but we will see ads.

For 5.49 euros per month, Netflix’s new ‘Basic with ads’ will offer us 20 seconds of advertising at the beginning of series and movie chapters, in addition to offering other cuts during playback. Total, about 4 or 5 minutes every hour. At least that is what the company establishes for the premiere of this new basic plan that will start operating in Spain on November 10.

Netflix account that the new plan ‘Basic with ads’ will offer content in HD (720p), the same as the current Basic plan (which is no longer the cheapest and goes up in quality). The company indicates that we will see between 4 and 5 minutes of ads for each hour of content viewing (55 or 56 effective minutes) and that in said plan some movies and series will disappear due to licensing issues.

With the arrival of ‘Basic with ads’, the Basic plan also “wins” HD content. Goodbye to 480p on Netflix.

And last but not least, Netflix clarifies that if we become subscribers to its plan with advertising we will not be able to download content. No more downloading episodes of series or movies on our mobile, or on our tablet, to liven up trips and other activities without Internet access. Netflix’s ‘Basic with Ads’ plan will either be with permanent internet connection or it won’t be.

As we have indicated, Netflix’s new ‘Basic with ads’ is here to stay and stands as the lowest step in terms of prices to access the contents of the platform. The updated price plan is, therefore, as follows.

B. with ads Essential Standard Premium
Monthly price €5.49 €7.99 €12.99 €17.99
Simultaneous screens 1 1 two 4
Phones/tablets with download no downloads 1 device 2 devices 4 devices
Contents All except those without a license All All All
Quality 720/HD 720/HD 1080/Full HD UHD/4K
Advertising 4-5 minutes/hour No advertising No advertising No advertising


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