With the #1 model, Smart is daring to make a new start, which is something to be proud of. If you want to call your own the most unusual Smart to date, you don’t have to be patient much longer, the electric car will be launched soon. But you shouldn’t count on a typical Smart.

Smart #1: Electric SUV on the way to the starting line

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With the Smart #1, a new electric car will come to Germany in October. However, anyone imagining a small car in the usual Smart manner will be taken by surprise. Because the times when smarts were among the smallest things on German roads will soon be over. Of the Smart #1 will be an all-electric compact SUV and not only break with tradition in this respect.

For a long time, Smart’s largest model to date was the forfour – aptly named as a four-seater – with a length of almost 3.5 m. The former Mercedes brand, which is now operated by the Stuttgart-based company as a joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer Geely, builds their little cars already since 2020 only with electric drive. This experience should also benefit the new model.

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As a compact SUV, the #1 has hitherto rather atypical dimensions for Smart with a Length of 4.27 m and 1.82 m in width. Just park sideways in a parking space in the crowded city center like with the Smart fortwo – you don’t stand a chance with the #1.

Nevertheless, Smart is planning an exciting e-car: the start version Pro + already has 360-degree cameras, advanced driving assistants, voice support and LED headlights. More expensive extras include a Sound system from Beats in the premium version.

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The Smart #1 is coming up at least 400 km range depending on version: A limited launch edition, the versions Pro +, Premium and a performance variant in cooperation with Brabus are offered. However, customers not only pay for the high performance here with higher prices, but also with the shortest range. The cheaper Pro+ version is said to get 20km further.

Smart’s new electric car will be the most expensive model to date

Interested customers can order the new Smart from October 18 (source: Smart). The start had previously been announced for September. The #1 is not only unusual as an SUV, but also in terms of price. It starts at 41,490 euros with the Smart #1 Pro +, a good twice as much as you pay for a fortwo EQ. The #1 from Brabus is the most expensive version at 48,990 euros.