In October, according to the rumor, Apple invites you to a hardware event. In addition to new iPads, the next generation of the MacBook Pro should also be on the way. Suppliers are said to have been instructed to focus on the professional notebook and to postpone production of other Macs.

Apple: Suppliers should prioritize MacBook Pro

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Mark Gurman had already announced it in his “Power On” newsletter at Bloomberg: In October 2022 there will be new Apple hardware. In addition to a new pad and iPad Pro can also come with two new MacBook Pro be counted. The upgrade is set to be released in the form of a 14-inch and 16-inch notebook.

Now there are reports that some suppliers have been instructed by Apple to to focus more on the MacBook Pro while pushing other devices into the background (source: DigiTimes). A similar instruction has probably already been given for the first generation of AirPods Pro now that the second has been introduced.

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It can be assumed that the appearance of the new MacBook Pro will not differ from the model that was announced in October 2021. Under the hood, on the other hand, there could be those that have not yet been announced Apple processors M2 Pro or M2 Max waiting. In comparison, more RAM and GPU cores can be expected for an increase in performance. Contrary to what was previously speculated, Apple could not use 3 nm for the manufacturing process, but 5 nm. But Apple hasn’t really shown its cards yet.

Apple’s October event with new Mac mini?

Apple could take the opportunity in October and also present a new Mac mini that with an M2 or M2 Pro chip Is provided. As one of the first Macs with its own Apple processor, the current Mac mini came onto the market in November 2020 with the M1.