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New malware attacks YouTube viewers: This is how you recognize the RedLine virus

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Security researchers have discovered new malware. This virus spreads itself through YouTube videos for gamers. The so-called RedLine malware can, among other things, steal bank details and passwords.

RedLine malware targets gamers

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Cyber ​​company Kaspersky discovered the new malware bundle. Criminals deploy this type of malicious software to steal victims’ personal information and/or money.

The discovered malware spreads itself through YouTube videos. These movies are usually aimed at gamers who want to cheat and serve as bait.

RedLine malwareAn example of a bait video
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For example, the videos show how to hack certain video games by entering codes. This gives you more digital money to spend in-game, or it becomes easier to defeat enemies. The videos mainly focus on popular games such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), FIFA and The Sims.

In order to use the ‘benefits’, you have to download files as a viewer. Of course this is not wise, because that way you bring in the virus.

Virus can steal passwords and banking information

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The file contains the infamous RedLine malware. This virus is capable of looting victims’ sensitive information, including passwords, banking information, and usernames.

The RedLine malware can, among other things, steal data via (extensions of) the Chrome browser, but sometimes also manages to crack the lock of messaging apps, VPN apps and wallets for crypto coins.

It is notable that the RedLine malware spreads itself. The virus posts new videos on YouTube in the victim’s name. Once again, these videos promise to help viewers cheat in games and then start the whole process all over again.

Prevent an infection

The most important tip to avoid infection is simple: don’t download vague files on your phone. Be especially wary of files promoted in videos that encourage cheating.

It is also wise to update your phone and apps as soon as possible. Also important: only download programs from the official Google Play Store. These apps are checked for the possible presence of viruses.

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