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No kidding: DOOM even runs on a LEGO brick

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It’s now a running gag to port the shooter classic from 1993 to pretty much any technical device. Now a modder has even made the game run on a LEGO brick.

New Zealand engineer James Brown has proven once again that nothing in the world is immune to Doom. He created a small Lego brick using a 3D printer and installed an even smaller screen there.

The Lego brick contains a 0.42-inch OLED display with a resolution of 72 x 40 pixels. This result alone is impressive.

But to complete the joke, he wanted to be able to play the first Doom on it. For this he built a micro-computer from a circuit board (STM32F030F4P6), an ARM Cortex M0 as a processor, 16Kbit flash memory and 4Kbit main memory.

The small computer is a little outside of the stone and can conjure up the gaming classic on the tiny display with the help of its own script in Python.

Brown posted the finished project as a video on his social media channels Twitter and Mastodon. Shortly after, he had an interview with Kotaku. There he said the following:

“The microcontroller in the brick has 16K of flash, which just about gets you a Doom sprite. There was no way it was going to run it properly. The options seemed to be: 1) Write a raycasting game with as much Doom flavor as possible, 2) Stick a wire in it and stream video to it, or 3) Put a more powerful processor in there. One probably wouldn’t be accepted as fitting the meme. Two didn’t seem a very interesting challenge. Three was going to take a bit longer to design. But since two was so easy, someone was going to do it eventually and I decided I’d rather it were me.”

It’s worth reading Kotaku’s article and social media posts about it. It’s really an exciting project and shows that we haven’t reached the frontier of Doom ports yet.

But what do you think about that? Exciting project or wasted effort? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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