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No, you cannot measure your blood pressure with an app

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With your smartphone you can do a lot, but also many things that are not (yet) possible. For example, it is really not possible to measure your blood pressure via an app.

Measure blood pressure via app

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Your blood pressure is one of the first things the doctor measures when you present with physical complaints. It is easy to measure and says a lot about your health.

There are several devices on the market to measure your blood pressure yourself. You might think that your very expensive smartphone can do that too, but we have to disappoint you: an app on your smartphone cannot measure your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure APP

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Last week, the app ‘Blood Pressure APP’ was in the top ten of the most popular apps in the Play Store. The application continues to rank #1 in the most popular free items in the “health and fitness” category.

In the reviews of the app, many users are a bit confused. Someone writes: “Don’t measure blood pressure, just a lot of advertising. Do not download!”. “Very unclear how to start measuring blood pressure,” writes another. “He doesn’t measure anything,” writes a third. “You immediately get advertising and nothing else!”

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Blood Pressure APP

Blood Pressure APP


Blood Pressure APP is not very clear in the description: The makers write: “The Blood Pressure app is your reliable, safe and fast assistant that helps you find information about blood pressure, track your blood pressure trends and give you tips for a healthy lifestyle gives to improve your health.”

A small addition like: “This app can’t measure your blood pressure” would go a long way. But of course the makers then miss out on a lot of downloads and people seeing the ads.

In the responses to the above reviews, the makers are clear: “We recommend that you use our app in addition to a medical blood pressure device to record your blood pressure changes.” According to the makers, the advertisements are necessary to keep the app free.

It’s a bit misleading and not too crazy if you fall for it. Technological developments are moving at lightning speed and nowadays you can also see your heartbeat through cameras, for example, due to color differences in the skin.

Really measure your blood pressure

A band is usually placed around the arm to measure your blood pressure. This is squeezed, so that the veins are pressed shut. The band is then released, the blood starts to flow again and the pressure of the blood can be measured. A smartphone can do a lot, but not that.

There are smartwatches on the market that use a different method. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 have an advanced sensor to measure your blood pressure. You then use the app that was made for that wearable. In the case of Samsung smartwatches, it concerns the Samsung Health Monitor app. Unfortunately, you will not get there with just an application on your smartphone.

Apps for your health

Apps that you can download to monitor your health include pedometer apps, meditation apps, and diet apps.

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