Things are not looking good for Oppo and OnePlus cell phones in Germany because of Nokia. The sale by the manufacturers was banned by the court. Now Nokia wants to target Oppo and OnePlus in other countries as well, which can become a real problem for Chinese companies. According to Oppo, nothing is known about it yet.

Will Nokia continue to push Oppo and OnePlus?

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Update from October 14, 2022: Oppo has us sent an official statement on the new rumors of further lawsuits. The company is not aware of any of this:

“So far we are not aware of any lawsuits against OPPO in Australia. We continue to operate normally in all markets, with the exception of Germany, where we have temporarily suspended the sale and marketing of certain products. Negotiations with Nokia are ongoing and we are committed to resolving this matter fairly.”

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In July 2022, Nokia won a patent dispute against Oppo in a court in Germany. Since then, Oppo itself has not been allowed to offer smartphones in Germany. Since OnePlus now belongs to Oppo, this also applies to OnePlus. You will no longer find mobile phones on the manufacturers’ websites, as the court ruled that Nokia breached a patent license agreement. Nokia’s success in Germany is said to have now ensured that the Oppo company also wants to take action in other countries. Because Oppo is also said to be violating the agreement there.

According to a recent report, Nokia has filed lawsuits against Oppo in Australia and other unspecified countries (Source: NokiaPowerUser). If the courts in other countries also come to the decision that Oppo violates the license agreement and does not pay, then the smartphones should also be banned there. Oppo had confirmed to our request at the time that an appeal had been lodged. So far, Oppo and OnePlus cell phones are still not available from either manufacturer. With OnePlus, only accessories are advertised and can be purchased.

Oppo and OnePlus phones still available in Germany

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Nokia has managed to ban the Oppo and OnePlus phones in Germany, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them anymore. Retailers like Amazon continue to sell smartphones from the manufacturers. This works at least as long as the warehouses are still full and Oppo or OnePlus can deliver from warehouses. The OnePlus 10 Pro (test), for example, is currently even a little cheaper on Amazon (look at Amazon).