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Nokia is closing the gate: finally started with Android 13 rollout

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Nokia offers a reasonable update policy on paper, but in practice updates roll out very slowly. Android 13 is only now rolling out for one of their devices, the affordable Nokia X10.

Nokia X10: Android 13 update rolls out in Europe

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Just last week we wrote that the Android 13 update had been confirmed for various Nokia devices. Now the software is actually rolling out for one of those devices. We are talking about the Nokia X10, a midranger with a starting price of 309 euros. The update can already be downloaded in Poland, but we have not yet received Dutch reports. Nevertheless, we think it will not be too long before the new software can also be downloaded here.

The device came on the market with Android 11 and now runs on Android 12. After this update, only Android 14 will follow and security updates will roll out until June 2024. The update policy can therefore be called fine on paper, but the rollout and its speed arguing a few things though. The Android 13 software has been rolling out for a long time on devices from many competitors, including Google, Samsung, Vivo and Realme.

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Nokia X10 review

With Android 13 rolling out for the X10, it won’t be too long before more Nokia devices follow. The Nokia XR 20 5G, Nokia X20 5G, G50 and Nokia G11 Plus, among others, also receive the new software. These are certainly not all of the company’s devices. So also check our Android 13 update overview, in which you will find all the information.

More about the Nokia X10

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We also tested the device extensively, but was not really happy with it. According to our final verdict, the device therefore scored a meager six. Still curious about the whole story, check out the Nokia X10 review.

What good is a smartphone that is supported for a long time, but is not pleasant to use? In our opinion very little. The Nokia X10 is slow, has a very mediocre screen and disappointing cameras. The update policy is excellent, but cannot compensate for all those negatives.

Still, that long software support is the only reason to consider the Nokia X10. Do you do little with your smartphone and do you want a device that you can use safely for a long time? Then you make a reasonable purchase with this X10. If you expect more from your phone, we advise you to look a little further.

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