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Now yes, USB-C for everyone, including the iPhone: Europe gives the final approval and sets 2025 as the limit

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We have been hearing about, and reading about, a future unique charging system for the Old Continent for years. Europe has long insisted that marketing mobile phones whose charging ports are identical to the others is good for the environment. And they are probably right. Said single charging port is USB Type-C, and it has already been approved. Finally.

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After taking all the necessary steps to get closer to this moment, the European Parliament has finally ratified the decision that there must be a universal charger in Europe. But not a charger as such, but rather the phone charging system will be the same for everyone. Including Apple, of course, which will have to erase the Lightning port forever and make way for the iPhone with USB-C. At least in Europe. Y the deadline is set for the end of 2024.

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USB type C for everyone, whatever your name is

An overwhelming but not absolute majority of 602 votes in favor to 13 against (plus 8 abstentions) in the European Parliament has put an end to a process of change that had been active for years. The process that will force manufacturers to use yes or yes the USB type C port to market their mobile devices in Europe. All cables and chargers must be compatible with each other, and there is no more to talk about.

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This standard has been persecuting for years to reduce the amount of electronic waste that the buying and selling of mobile phones provokes. No more having cables at home that are only suitable for specific models, or chargers that we cannot use for the same reason and end up in the trash. Or in the best of cases, in a clean point for its corresponding recycling.

Europe wants all of our cables and chargers to work for us, regardless of what model of phone we have or are going to buy. The compatibility with charging speeds will be different, something that depends on the limits of each charger. But the phones will have to have a USB type C port, yes or yes. And that implies that the iPhone the main resistance to the empire, will have to give up.

According to the European Union through Parliament, the deadline for all phones for sale to have a USB Type-C port is the end of the year 2024. On January 1, 2025, no phone without a USB Type-C port can be sold. . Laptops, which have also entered the new regulations, will have a little more time. Your chargers will have to adapt before the end of spring 2026.

Mobile in 2024, laptops in the spring of 2026

Eye, because there is still one more step. The European Council has to ratify the decision taken by the European Parliament in Strasbourg but no impediments are expected. Once this happens, the different European countries will have to reflect the new regulations in their respective parliaments. That is why the deadline is set at the end of 2024 and not before.

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